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Prospect tenant attempted to bribe me - Landlord Forum thread 360802

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Prospect tenant attempted to bribe me by 2sfhhistoricneighborhood on August 25, 2020 @10:40

This time while trying to rent my property it seemed to be there were a few "tests" that happened. In the end I had a tenant attempt to bribe me so he would get the property over the application I was in the middle of processing. His actions were the grand finale of what appeared to be a test. Is this type of attempted entrapment legal?
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Re: Prospect tenant attempted to bribe me by Daniel (CA) on August 28, 2020 @17:02 [ Reply ]
interesting question.

Although there is a new law that states that you must keep track of the order of the applications in order to prove that you are not discriminating.

I wonder if this applies to someone bidding higher than the previous applicant. Bidding is always an acceptable process and if it is an acceptable rule for contractors then why not for Landlords?

Isn't this the whole reason behind the Holding Deposit/ Rent Guarantee fee?

Although you can no longer pick another applicant because you like them better...
But you should be able to pick another applicant if they will pay more...
Bribery by Michelle on August 29, 2020 @14:54 [ Reply ]
This post was more of a warning to other landlords of what may be happening behind the scenes. I require a 710 credit score and sometimes more and also at least 3x the rent..

This criteria, listed in my advertisment, makes people irrate. They can not handle being told no and and several times they have screamed, yelled and threatened me. My process of screening for my rental is consistent and fair. I believe, and have a feeling, that because my home is in a highly desired neighborhood that reporting for discrimination, regardless of the truth is beign used as revenge.

So this post is a WARNING of what may be going on behind the scene and if so they are not upfront or forthcoming with information.

Bribery is dirty, filthy business of which I would never participate in. BEWARE that dirty, filthy tactics are being used to make landlords doing fair business fall.

What law and what state says, "Although there is a new law that states that you must keep track of the order of the applications in order to prove that you are not discriminating." While I screen my applications in order I am curious of the law and also the state.

Beware, is the message here as it was a filthy move and it rang my moral bell as a gross tactic.

Also controlling property in a area or highly desired neighbor can potentially give political power.

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