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Eviction Court Date Coming Up - Landlord Forum thread 360858

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Eviction Court Date Coming Up by Jason on September 24, 2020 @04:25

I have had enough of this tenant. Paid $0 for August rent. Paid $0 for September rent.
Posted NOTICE TO QUIT September 2nd (PA had an eviction moratorium until Sept 1st).
Filed for eviction on Sept 16th. Cost me $148.50
Rec'd PARTIAL RENT payment of $175.
Court date scheduled for Oct 1st.

What do I need to bring to court to get rid of this loser? October rent is due Oct 1st, so he would then be 3-months behind. Grrrr.
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Re: Eviction Court Date Coming Up by Garry on September 24, 2020 @09:54 [ Reply ]
Above all, you need to bring KNOWLEDGE to the court system. Do you know the eviction laws, and your LL/T laws by heart. When you accepted the $175 partial payment, did that acceptance void or delay your notice to quit?

Your first sentence in your post, along with the "Grrrr" at then, shows your are getting emotional about this. When you go to court, keep your "emotions" out of it. To you, this is strictly a business transaction. State only facts, and present letters/emails/texts only. You can state what was "said" by each party, but don't show any "emotions".

Use the words "Your Honor" several times in your testimony, and even if you lose, still say "Thank You, Your Honor" Get back to us on this forum on Oct.2, and let us know what happened.
Re: Eviction Court Date Coming Up by Robert on September 27, 2020 @10:15 [ Reply ]
Bring your lease and rent payment proof to date. In Colo you need to bring 3 copies of all evidence. Have a stack for each person already compiled.

You can ask for repayment of all your costs.

When you win, make sure you find out where they work, live, bank etc. The court should provide a discovery document that they have to fill out before they leave.

Winning is 1/4 of the process, the other 3/4 is collecting.

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