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Re: Security Deposit charges? - Landlord Forum thread 361556

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Re: Security Deposit charges? by Garry on September 14, 2021 @00:26

Simply put, a LL can charge as much as they want to, for anything the T either damaged, or did not clean. Once the T gets your Sec.Dep.letter, they can dispute anything they want to. Then it will be up to the former T if they want to negotiate with you, or take you to court. If you both negotiate, and the T doesn't agree with you, are you prepared for the T to take you to court, and for you to have to defend what your Sec. Dep. statement said ?

Remember, the T has nothing to lose, as she "lost" her deposit to you 10 years ago. But unless you have a lot of pictures and witnesses to PROVE your Sec.Dep. statement, the T could maybe get some of her money back by taking you to court. Send your letter to the T, and let this forum know if the T gets back to you, and what she said.
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Re: Security Deposit charges? by Bette on September 14, 2021 @09:24 [ Reply ]
I think what I was getting at is what I felt were correct deductions from a SD were. (batteries missing from all smoke, Carbon M.detectors = she worked at a store could have bought discounted. stove a mess (I don't think ever cleaned).

Also, extra remotes for garage door are missing. None of the keys she gave work any door in the house (except one for the front door) go figure. I'll change the locks anyway.

Yes pictures of everything. I have to go through the check list (which she has).
I'm nottoo worried about court - though a person never knows how it'll end up.
I want to be fair - but I also don't want to cheat myself.

I have learned -even if a tenant is not young: send very exacting list of what they are to clean, stove, fan, bathroom (obvious, but...). Re send copy of their lease and copy of the check in sheet. Shouldn't have to, but...

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