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Exterior metal Back Door Rust Repair - Landlord Forum thread 361565

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Exterior metal Back Door Rust Repair by Bette on September 18, 2021 @14:41

On the enclosed back porch the bottom outside edge (abt 12" x 8" plus an area slightly higher (but not as rusted) The tenant left the screen door always open (held open with some sort of rope.) I don't believe she closed that at night. The door to the house was always open in the day with some sort of magnetic door for the dogs to go through during the day. She said the only time she locked closed the back door was at night.
Any ideas of ways to cover the rusted part?
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Re: Exterior metal Back Door Rust Repair by Garry on September 18, 2021 @16:43 [ Reply ]
2 ways------paint it, or put a "kick plate" on it. If painting, use a spray can of oil-based primer. spray it on twice, leaving it dry 1 day between coats. Then, either paint the lower half of the door, or the whole door with whatever color you want to.

The other way is to put 1 or 2 kick plates on it. They sell them in the door sections of Lowe's, Home Depot, etc. I believe you can buy them in either aluminum or brass. Neither will rust. They are usually 30" to 36" wide, and 6-8" high. If 1 doesn't cover the rusty area, adding a 2nd one should do it.
Re: Exterior metal Back Door Rust Repair by Yang on December 29, 2021 @20:52 [ Reply ]
If you are only dealing with rust, painting would be the most convenient way of restoring it. Brush all the rust away then layer it with paint.

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