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Security Deposit letters - Landlord Forum thread 361571

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Security Deposit letters by Bette on September 23, 2021 @14:23

I don't want to insult my former tenant. I don't know how to phrase the house wasn't left in rental ready condition. In previous rentals I've done - there might have been minor things or wear/tear, except for the college students. I have almost everything completed - missing batteries & Smoke Detectors bought. However, the house smelled of dog urine which she tried to cover up with plug in things in every room. Cleaning ceiling fans & an oven - I can't believe someone left it like that. I can't believe anyone would leave the house so dirty & expect to receive the entire
Right now the painter is painting the bathroom - I have in my inspection notes - from previous yrs about the brown specks - painter thinks they smoked there (it's a non-smoking house)& between the moisture & nicotine it caused clobs - he cleaned off & prime/painting. She claimed initially that it was there when they moved in, however, the original sheet doesn't show that - Anyway how do say the house was dirty with saying it.
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Re: Security Deposit letters by Garry on September 23, 2021 @15:13 [ Reply ]
You NEVER say your OPINIONS, only the facts. For instance : Painting bathroom -xxx . Cleaning carpet XXX. Replaced x batteries, and x smoke detectors XXX Replaced XX light bulbs. Cleaning ceiling fans, stove refrigerator, walls, kitchen in general XXX. replaced 1 broken window xx. I list all my charges 1 line at a time, and show the cost a few spaces over.

Forget about not wanting to insult your FORMER tenant. They will definitely be insulted when they see your list of items, and the costs associated with each. Once they get your letter, they will probably contact you within a day about the costs. THEN you can give your opinions. If it totals up that you owe them a little bit of money, enclose a check with the letter. If they owe you money, Give them 30 days in your letter to send you a money order for that amount.

Expect NOTHING from them if they owe you, especially if its a large amount. And DO NOT try to collect the money AT ALL. Just accept the loss, and you can deduct the loss off your Federal taxes next year. If they disagree with what your letter said, and call you about it, simply tell them to take you to court, and you will settle it there. 99% of the former tenants will say they will take you to court, NEVER DO. Remember, what you want right now, is a new tenant paying you more rent that what you were charging before, and living in a clean, newly refurbished house.
Re: Security Deposit letters by lpadave on September 24, 2021 @09:07 [ Reply ]
just to chime in here.

as a LL i tend to be a bit more gracious than many here.
i also believe in karma and trying to be objective.

there is dirt and wear and tear on a 5 or 10 year tenancy,.........and then there is that on a one year tenancy.

how long were your tenants there and were they otherwise good, low maintenance, prompt payers ??

over the many years of doing this, I have been fortunate in only having two or three PITA tenants or no pays.
I screen brutally and reject anyone even close to marginals.

I cut off the sob stories at the second sentence.

I try to maintain friendly, arms length, professional relationships and expect rent to be paid in full, on time, without me having to come looking for it. I expect tenants to properly take care of my property.

there is always going to be some (of what the Judges love to refer to as) '''tenant residue'''.

I do not view security deposits as an additional revenue

that being said, if yours is an A B or C / D property you should be looking at it and your tenant pool accordingly.

turnovers and make ready are a part of this business

and agreeing with Garry here,...get it cleaned up and re rented. Don't get stuck in the mud hunting down coins.

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