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Re: Security Deposit letters - Landlord Forum thread 361577

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Re: Security Deposit letters by Bette on September 26, 2021 @14:07

I've had some 5 yr & this is my only 10 yr tenant - I expected some "residue", which I overlooked - my hubby who is much more particular than I has cleaned - but she's not being charged for that. However, an oven that hasn't been cleaned in yrs, well. and urine smells near the back door from an unauthorized puppy. I think she felt putting those plug in scent things would take the place of good ole soap & water - not so.
Yes, we've been lucky having to have someone stay that long as it's a pain in the neck to find qualified renters. However, in her case we kept the rent low because she did pay. And, we overlooked a couple of issues.
We're on the home stretch of cleaning & believe we can show it.
I still don't know why she never replaced the batteries in smoke detectors & CO alarm.
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Re: Security Deposit letters by lpadave on September 26, 2021 @15:37 [ Reply ]
10 yr tenant is basically a gut and full re work on turnover.
having kept the rent low was your business decision.
having kept the rent below market values was your decision

tenants in place for a long time tend to acquire a sense of ownership and entitlement, which sometimes results in great maintainance and housekeeping,....and sometimes results in slobs and total neglect / hoarding.

after 10 years, your smoke detectors were expired and should have been replaced by YOU,....long ago.

if there was a fire, the cause and origin investigators would have come in and cited YOU AS LL,......and you'd have been having quite the conversation with your insurance company and the lawyers.


bring the unit up to market conditions and re rent at market rent.

add up your net profit over the last 10 years minus the (now) make ready costs,......and say thank you. !
    Re: Security Deposit letters by Bette on September 27, 2021 @10:20 [ Reply ]
    SHE chose to stay close to 10 yrs. no one forced her. SHE rec'd good living conditions with no hassles - except the unauthorized additional puppy. She had any repairs promptly. As far as smoke detectors - I don't believe it's the LL job to go in and replace batteries every year.
    Having been both a tenant & and LL I believe tenants have responsibilities to keep the home in clean condition. And replace light bulbs & batteries.
      Re: Security Deposit letters by lpadave on September 27, 2021 @14:38 [ Reply ]
      thank you for your participation in the forum
      Re: Security Deposit letters by Robert on September 30, 2021 @09:54 [ Reply ]
      bulb and batteries, furn filters are in my lease. also a penalty for inop smoke/co detectors - they are a threat to life and property.

      Keep your letter short and simple. As said you got 10 years out and now need to do some maintenance.

      "deduct the loss off your Federal taxes next year." - huh? you cant do that - you just get to show less income and thus less taxes.

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