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3 Day Notice iowa for eviction - Landlord Forum thread 361584

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3 Day Notice iowa for eviction by Elizabeth on September 28, 2021 @13:14

I have a question for Gary
Today is the 28. When is the last day to file in court an eviction for month of September. I am not clear if I can still 3 day notice because I will file eviction on October?? Or I have until the 30 to serve the 3 day notice??
Please advise
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Re: 3 Day Notice iowa for eviction by Garry on September 28, 2021 @14:59 [ Reply ]
In Iowa, you need to mail your 3 day notice by both regular and certified mail, by at most, the 20th of any given month ( preferably before the 15th ). Then you must file the eviction papers before the end of the month. When you mail out the 3 day notice by reg and cert mail, you have to wait 4 regular mailing days to allow for the cert mail to happen (by law ). Then you start counting the 3 days.

So, 4 mailing days, plus the 3 days notice, turns into 7 days. You can file in small claims court on the 8th day. However, you cannot count Sundays, or Holidays, in your count, because mails are not delivered on those days. So you may end up waiting 10 days before you file in the courts. If you do not file in the courts by the last day of any month, and you file on the 1st of the next month, or later, it will be dismissed automatically when you get into the court room.

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