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EMFs Habitability & access: currently in litigatio - Landlord Forum thread 361600

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EMFs Habitability & access: currently in litigatio by Elizabeth on October 7, 2021 @11:24

We are fighting PA District Court appeal by Tenant on rulings Judgment for possession without pay and stay option & against counterclaim.

Tenantís new appeal/complaint has gone beyond EMFs and says: negligence, breach and habitability.

Does PA require a Health Department violation in order to deem uninhabitable.
Tenantís claim is electric shock, high EMFs and mice.
(Exterminator is scheduled. Never got complaint of mice. Have always responded to any tenant of mice complaint.)
How can I assure entry of Landlord/Agent exterminator or electrician? Have 24 hours notice to be posted at door. Do I knock and then enter???
Any experience fighting EMF claims (There is no medical diagnosis associated but when presented treatment includes phsychoanalysis.
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Re: EMFs Habitability & access: currently in litigatio by Garry on October 7, 2021 @17:20 [ Reply ]
Forgive me for asking, but what are EMFs ? Yes, you need to give a 24 hour notice to get in. Knock, ring the doorbell, and if no one comes to the door, use your key, and BOTH you and the exterminator go inside. HOWEVER, if someone comes to the door and will not let you in, ask when you CAN come in, and then leave. Then reset for another date and time to enter, by posting another 24 hour notice again. Be sure to document everything. Your witness will be the exterminator, election, plumber, etc. If a Tenant does not answer the door, NEVER go in without a witness. Good Luck in court.
Re: EMFs Habitability & access: currently in litigatio by Robert on October 9, 2021 @17:50 [ Reply ]
So tenant says place is uninhabitable and still want to live there?

Find a way to get it certified uninhabitable and then you can end lease?

Your tenant is making up things to stay for free. IF you dont have an attorney yet, you probably should on this one.

Sad that judges make this so hard. Should be easy enough that tenant cannot prove any of their claims in court.
Re: EMFs Habitability & access: currently in litigatio by lpadave on October 11, 2021 @12:30 [ Reply ]
the most common is radio frequency (RF) energy, measured as radiation. this is not the really bad radiation as from x rays or the sun or nuclear radiation. that stuff is called ionization energy.

emf / rf is everywhere. it is a field that surrounds ac electric wires and appliances, radio transmission such as cell phones and walkie talkies and sterio speakers.

most exposures are at low enough power, great enough distance and low enough spectrum frequency that even long term, they aren't really damaging.

your tenant is a crazy who will have a hard time proving emf / rf damages from you,....but that being said,....sometimes crazy things happen in court.

invoke the happy clause and get rid of this problem as quickly as you can.

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