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Re: 1st step - Landlord Forum thread 361631

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Re: 1st step by Lpadave on November 2, 2021 @11:42

In 2019, NY passed the most restrictive pro tenant, anti LL laws in its history,...and in that of the entire US,...and probably in the entire world.

It was completely divorced from any reality of business or the income real estate industry.

Covid has made this worse.

Watch yourself. Assume your tenant know WAY MORE about the
Laws than you do.

You. Being basically a first timer mom and pop, I would absolutely, strongly recommend if your initial pay or quit doses not produce instant results, you turn this over to an EXPERIENCED LAWYER WHO SPECIALIZES IN NY LA NDLORD TENANT LAW,...IN. YOUR SPECIFIC CITY.

NYS laws have changed and local jurisdictions have also followed that lead.

Good luck.

Start thinking about cash for keys if you really want this tenant out sooner rather than later.
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Re: 1st step by Judith on November 7, 2021 @10:59 [ Reply ]
Thank you Lpadave,
Thank you for the most honest and valuable advice. You are right. NY is completely divorced from reality. I don't know why on the LPA website, regarding the lease that I paid $100 to join again and get all the notices, are the same from years and years ago when I first started here. They do not reflect the new laws from 2019. It took for you to give me a clue. Thank you so much. Any ideas where I can get a good up too date Lease to help me here in NY?

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