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Is this a forshadow of things to come? - Landlord Forum thread 361632

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Is this a forshadow of things to come? by Bette on November 2, 2021 @12:09

New tenants H/W - abt 2 wks. They're in 20's 1st none relative LL.
tub stopper lifter broke off = can't take bath (there's a shower) writes do you want me to call the plumber. And, those things happen - we're checking it when she's home for lunch.
2. She says carpet is bothering her allergies - she wants to have the carpets professionally cleaning - She was in the house at least 2 times before signing the lease. She has 2 cats - We vac. many times, cleaned all vents & put in allegin furnace filter.
3. Wants to paint the walls in LR or put matching paint where nail holes. And, if a person starts ripping out (large hanging devices from plaster it's going to be worse.
I'm getting concerned that this person is going to be "high maintenance" nothing will suit her.
Ideas on ways to deal with some of this. The Tub stopper will be fixed.
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Re: Is this a forshadow of things to come? by Lpadave on November 2, 2021 @13:36 [ Reply ]
1. Happy clause,....let them out of lease and move. This may shut them up
2. Cite chapter and verse of what the lease says. There are two page stationary store or Nolo leases and then there are good , long form ones.
3. Cite your move in conditions lease attachment.
4. Tenant is testing you . Control issues here.
Re: Is this a forshadow of things to come? by Garry on November 2, 2021 @14:01 [ Reply ]
If the tub stopper broke off level with the bottom of the tub, you can buy a 6 in. diameter flat rubber drain stopper that just lays over top the drain. It keeps the water from draining as long as it doesn't move off of the drain.

You should have the carpets professionally cleaned now, BUT, she should sign an agreement with you, that she will have the carpets pro. cleaned when she moves out,at HER expense, BECAUSE she has 2 CATS.

I guess you will just have to have the walls in the living room repaired, and repainted, at your expense, if the "large hanging devises" are either ugly. or won't allow a person/family to hang their own pics where they want to. Consider this as just a normal part of landlord maintenance of any property.
If she does become " high maintenance ", either learn to say NO to her, or offer to end the lease whenever she wishes.
Re: Is this a forshadow of things to come? by Brendan on January 3, 2022 @19:58 [ Reply ]
All of these problems are NOT a foreshadowing of things to come. They have ALREADY come to you. Expect more of the same. Say no to most demands. Anybody knows that you don't have cats with severe allergies. Take careful notes. Get rid of tenant properly as soon as practicable.

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