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Tenant-Form of Rent - Landlord Forum thread 361639

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Tenant-Form of Rent by Judith on November 5, 2021 @18:56

I am in NY. My tenant said she could not pay her rent until the 5th. Her rent according to her lease is on the 1st. The 5th is the end of the grace period, so I said OK.

Today she handed me something that looked like a Money Order. But after I returned home when I looked at it closer, it said it was some sort of Moneygram. It had a blank square or oval that said to press on it for some reason to activate it or something, and it also said it is not able to be deposited by mobile.

I do deposit any checks or money orders by mobile because I do not have a car, and I am not able to walk to the bank physically.

So I gave it back to the tenant and told her I need another form of payment. It also had some sort of statement about being liable for damages. I have never seen anything like it before.

This tenant has been here for at least 7 years, and has always paid by cash until 2 months ago. She suddenly came home with a brand new car when she never had a car before and then tried to tell me she would not have the rent on time. She also told me her daughter is now an attorney, and there is nothing I can do if she doesn’t want to pay her rent by the 1st when it is due, that she can pay by the 5th if she wants.

About an hour ago, I received a text telling me that if I do not accept that moneygram, I will be refusing her to pay her rent. I told her before that, that I will need another form of payment, either a check or money order,

Do I have to accept this strange moneygram for her rent, or can I refuse it?
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Re: Tenant-Form of Rent by Garry on November 5, 2021 @19:58 [ Reply ]
In this case, get the moneygram back from her, then take a taxi or an Uber, or have a friend or relative take you to YOUR bank. Deposit it in your account, and see if it ever comes back in the next 30 days. Sometimes a landlord has to go that "extra mile" to get paid. And, yes, you may have the rent due on the 1st, but as long as you have a grace period in your lease, a judge will probably rule that it's actually due by the 5th. The next lease you sign with her, take out any mention of a grace period. Then it is TRULY due on the 1st, and late on the 2nd.

About the car------it's none of your business what a tenant drives-----just don't let her get away with telling you she will be late on her rent because she now has monthly car payments to make. Start your eviction procedures on the 6th of any month if you didn't get the rent by then.
Re: Tenant-Form of Rent by Brendan on January 3, 2022 @19:43 [ Reply ]
Grace period?? What is that? Rent to be received no later than 1st or late fee in lease due with full rent.

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