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Re: 3 day notice or 7 day notice?? - Landlord Forum thread 361651

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Re: 3 day notice or 7 day notice?? by Garry on November 26, 2021 @15:57

Well, did you ASK HER WHY she left it open ?? Don't jump to any conclusions until you have ALL the facts. Was the oven door open ALL the way, or just cracked a couple inches open ? Was the T at home at the time the open door was discovered ? If the furnace works OK, does the T have access to her own thermostat ? If not, maybe she got cold, and tried to heat the place up in her own way. People do a LOT of baking this time of year.

Maybe she was just allowing the oven to cool to a lower temp to put something else in that requires a lower temp. This is NOT a 3 day notice event. It maybe "could" be a 7 day notice, depending on the above questions you get answered. For now,however, TALKING TO YOUR T is the BEST way to handle this "( problem )".
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Re: 3 day notice or 7 day notice?? by Elizabeth on November 26, 2021 @16:19 [ Reply ]
Tenant was not there, oven door was totally open, furnace is working perfectly but apparently she wants more heat.
    Re: 3 day notice or 7 day notice?? by Garry on November 26, 2021 @17:26 [ Reply ]
    You said this was an apartment bldg. Does your T have access to the T-stat to be able to turn up the heat ? Who pays for the heat, or is it included in her rent ? The news channels nowadays are all saying that gas heat will cost everybody 25%-33% more this winter, than last.

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