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Re: Consistent tenant-smell issues, what's next? - Landlord Forum thread 361657

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Re: Consistent tenant-smell issues, what's next? by laura59 on December 1, 2021 @10:46

Additional information --- the smell also lasts all day and through the night. It's not something that disappears easily. My tenants are upset that their units stink and their belongings (clothes, curtains, bedding) all apparently smell like burnt food. So it's not a temporary smell, it occurs at least 3 times a week, at any hour (8am, 2pm, 10pm)
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Re: Consistent tenant-smell issues, what's next? by Garry on December 1, 2021 @11:38 [ Reply ]
Try calling your local Health Dept. and give them the same info you just gave us, and see if they have any suggestions. Ask them also, that if someone smells "burnt food" can/should someone call the Fire Dept as a precaution that a possible fire may be happening. Basically, you need "official" witnesses at the time of the smell, to be able to enter the apartment, and figure out what's causing the smell.

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