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Free Rental Agreement Binder Form

Free Rental Binder Agreement and Receipt

The Rental Binder Receipt Prepares your Tenant for your lease signing.

rental binder agreement and deposit receiptThis is a popular Rental Binder agreement used by many Realtors. Similar versions of this form are used by landlords and real estate agents across the US.

The Binder is a Pre-Contract Form

Many people actually use it as a basic rental agreement! It's not really meant to be a rental agreement or rental application, but this pre-contract form is a full binder receipt to show an offer has been made with an earnest money deposit.

The Process

Upon written acceptance of the offer by the owner/agent of the rental, it becomes a binding agreement, whereby it is agreed that the rental will not be rented to anyone else before the agreed lease signing date. When not using the LPA Rental Application, this form is especially helpful to rental agents who collect their real estate commission from the tenant because it provides for a written agreement of the rental commission.

Pre rental agreement contractDOWNLOAD YOUR FREE Rental Binder Agreement

Part of the Essential Forms Package

This form is a part of the Essential Forms package in MS Word format along with 100+ other forms. You can access all of our landlord forms with an LPA membership.


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