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Landlord Q& A Forum Rules

Thank you for visiting the LPA Q&A Forum. The purpose of this forum is to provide a place where landlords can exchange help and advice from peers in the industry.

We've had to delete certain postings that have been deemed offensive to the visitors of our site. We also have our own ideas of human decency and courtesy that we feel most of our members appreciate us all observing. We scan the forum periodically for offensive posts.

As a condition to your free use of our forum, we ask you to agree to the following rules:

  • Profanity is not allowed. No curse words.

  • We will delete anything we feel is in violation of our forum rules or detrimental to the success of our website.

  • We do not allow anyone to promote illegal discrimination on our website.

  • We ask that all forum participants keep in the spirit of exchanging help with each other.

  • The posting of the names and/or social security numbers, credit reports or any other private or defamatory information of tenants, prospective tenants or anyone else is a violation of the forum rules.

  • Please refrain from posting material such as
    • advertisements,
    • political messages,
    • web addresses to other websites,
    • rental forms,
    • copyrighted content in part or full, or
    • postings that are detrimental to the spirit of the forum or the success of our website.

  • Please do not insult someone you disagree with. If you do not have the patience to help someone (even if it is a tenant) who needs assistance, please ignore the post and let someone else help that person.
    Online Bullying will not be tolerated.

  • Banning: We reserve the right to block the IP address and revoke the free privilege of any poster who violates the forum rules, attempts to slander our company or generates multiple complaints.
We want to keep the forum free and easy to use for LPA members and non-members alike and only ask that you respect these simple rules of decency. We hope you enjoy the forum and find the answers you're looking for!
Good luck and thanks.

To report inappropriate forum entries, please e-mail us at with the date, time and subject of the posting.

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