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Realtors take steps to improve safety for their agents

DES MOINES, Iowa ó Joel Aschbrenner, USA TODAY-
Prospective homebuyers who want to tour a house here might now have to meet the listing agent in a coffee shop or an office and show their driverís license.

The new protocol comes as real estate firms around the country launch training and safety initiatives in an effort to protect agents.

Real estate professionals say the job has inherent dangers. Agents often find themselves alone in empty houses with prospective buyers they have never before met. But recent, high-profile murders of real estate agents have pushed the issue into the spotlight.
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Collect Back Rent

We do our best to rent to the best tenants, to enforce the lease agreements and make our rentals profitable and our tenants satisfied customers, but many of us have learned that things don't always go as planned. Sometimes tenant leave owing money. Sometimes it seems as if the tenant will never pay what is owed. Most of us conclude, "You can't get blood from a stone."
Well, think again! Cynthia and Gary Schmidt's Collect Back Rent Program shows you how to use the law to do EXACTLY that! They'll show you how to use discovery laws to force the tenant to cooperate or risk being thrown in jail! As Cynthia says, "You'll see how fast they come up with the money when they want to get out of jail!" If you'r a landlord with money foating around out there with your ex-tenants, you owe it to yourself to check out Cynthia and Gary's Collect Back Rent Training Course!

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