Rental Payment Slip Instructions

The Payment Slip is a very handy tool to getting your rent paid on time.

You will need to take a few minutes to set up your payment slips. You will then be able to re-use them on other properties and for renewals.

  1. Highlight "Annie Rentpayer" & social security number. Type over it with your tenant's name and social security number. If you have two tenants, repeat over "Tommy Tenant" or just delete his information.
  2. Highlight the following areas, and then fill in with your correct number amounts.

  3. Highlight the address and fill in the correct address of your property.
  4. Highlight "Joe Landlord's" name and replace with name that rent should be payable to.
  5. Highlight "Joe Landlord's" address and replace with name and address that rent should be sent to.
  6. At the top of the payment slip is the month and year. Highlight this area and enter the month and year for the beginning of your lease.
  7. Highlight the "rent due on" date and replace with correct month

    Now that your payment slip is set up with all your necessary information, the remaining payment slips will be easy to create.

  8. Save all the changes that you have made.
  9. Highlight the entire payment slip. You are going to copy this form 11 times. If you are unfamiliar with copy & paste, all you need to do after highlighting is go to your edit window and select "copy". *Then place your cursor on the blank space below your payment slip and select "paste" from your edit menu.
    *(If you have duplicates of the original slip already below your new slip, delete the extras and then copy your new ones there.)
  10. After repeating step #9 to display a total of 12 payment slips, we need to correct the dates on slips 2 through 12.
  11. Just highlight the dates on the remaining slips and replace them to correspond with your lease term.
  12. After printing, cut out each slip, place them in chronological order and staple on the left side to create a payment book. (We like to use a paper cutter to make quick straight cuts, and then we trim the slips with it to approximately the size of a dollar bill.

Now you have an entire year of payment slips. If you have more than one property, you can save them by property, so the following year, you'll only have to change the dates, increase the rents. If you get new tenants, you'll also need to enter new tenant information. (you knew that)

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