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How do I make sure the tenant will take good care of my property?

By John Nuzzolese

One of the biggest concerns landlords have is how the tenant will treat the property. We all hear horror stories of what tenants can do to a rental. Many of us have lived through the horror of having our beautiful rental property destroyed by a bad tenant. The fact that we have invested great expense plus gallons of blood, sweat, and paint in the property only to see it trashed and desecrated by a tenant makes it even worse.

Some landlords still believe that finding a good tenant is a matter of luck, while more and more of us are taking steps to make our own luck. Have you heard the old adage, “Luck = Labor Under Correct Knowledge”?

So how do we protect your rental property from getting trashed by a tenant? There are a few very important steps to follow.

By following these steps along with your normal screening process, you will become a landlord who has better luck with how tenants take care of your property. Remember, “Luck = Labor Under Correct Knowledge”.