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How to Order a Credit Report

If you've already activated your account and are wondering how to order a report, don't worry.
It is very easy!
First be logged in with your username & password.

  1. Click on the "Order" tab Quick Check order tab to select a report.

  2. To choose a TransUnion Credit Report, select "Tenant Screening Credit Report".
    Then click the order button on the far right for the chosen report.

    Quick Check Credit Reports Order1

  3. Enter in applicant info in fields marked by *.

    Quick Check Credit Reports Order2

  4. Click button on the bottom right the says "Next".

  5. Enter address and click "Next" on the bottom right .

  6. Review order summary and click "Place Order".

    The report should be ready within seconds.

  7. Click on "Completed Reports" to access your report.

    Quick Check Credit Reports Order3

    The credit score can be found by scrolling down...

    Quick Check Credit Reports Score

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