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Owner-Managed Private Landlords

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1. Once we receive the following items, it may take 1 full business day* to set up your account. We will notify you by email with log in information once your account is set up. Thank you.
* Depending on volume, credit bureau activation can take up to 24-48 hrs.

Please provide:

  • All items from Category A
  • Two items from Category B

Category A: (Owner Verification)

  • Driver's License or State Photo ID card
  • Bank statement, voided check or deposit slip with your home or office address
  • Copy of Lease Agreement (signed by you & a previous tenant) & Rental Application (signed by previous or prospective tenant)

Category B: (Rental Property Verification 2 items)

  • Copy of real estate tax bill (from rental property)
  • Settlement Statement, HUD Statement, or Closing Statement (from rental property)
  • Copy of a Deed
  • Copy of Public Record
  • Property Insurance
  • Membership Certificate or receipt for current membership in The Landlord Protection Agency

2. If the property is owned by a Corporation, LLC, etc., please include a copy of the articles of incorporation or other official business documentation listing the owners/organizers of the business entity.

3. Please include a completed and signed copy of the attached "LETTER OF INTENT" on your company letterhead. (You can copy and paste the below form onto a document with your letterhead... or fill in the lines)




Please answer the following questions:

What is the nature of your business?
(Landlord, Property Management or Other)


For what purpose will you use the credit report(s) ordered?

(Tenant Screening or Employment Screening)


Please list rental properties you own for which you will be using screening reports:

(Requested in lieu of site inspection for Credit Bureau Compliance)

___________________     ___________________      ___________________

___________________     ___________________      ___________________

___________________     ___________________      ___________________

___________________     ___________________      ___________________

How many credit reports do you anticipate ordering each month? __________

How many credit reports do you anticipate ordering each year? ___________

Will your access to the credit reports be for national reports? ___________



Company/Landlord Name: ____________________________________________

Office/Owner/Partner Signature: _______________________________________

Authorized Managers Signature: _______________________________________

Date: ________________________

4. Please print, complete and sign the following form for Credit Card Billing:

By signing this form, I authorize Quick Check Credit Reports, Inc. to charge the specified card for services rendered. Quick Check Credit Reports, Inc. is a certified Authorize.Net merchant with your security and privacy as top priority.

Name on Credit Card: ____________________________

Credit Card #: _____________________________

Credit Card CVV #: ___________
(AMEX-4 digit code on front above card #; ALL OTHERS-3 digit code on back after card #)

Credit Card Type: ____________________________

Credit Card Expiration Date: _____________________

Billing Address (if different than on application):




Credit Card Signature: ________________________________

Title: ______________________________

Date: ______________________________


5. Please print, complete and sign the following form to indicate your agreement to Quick Check Credit Report, Inc.'s membership terms:

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Title: _________________________________________

Business Name: _________________________________

Address: _______________________________________

City: _____________________________ State: _____


Name: ___________________________

Title: _______________________

Signature: ____________________________

Date: __________________

6. Are you a member of The Landlord Protection Agency?
Yes, my LPA order # is : ___________          No, I am not a member _____

(LPA Members are eligible for special discounts on all reports in appreciation of our LPA affiliation)
7. Please fax, email, or mail all above required materials to:

Quick Check Credit Reports, Inc.
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Tel: 516-292-3545
Fax: 516-706-7171

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