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Tenant Scorecard™ - Credit Decision Report

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The InstaScreen™ Tenant Scorecard™

Landlords and property managers use the Tenant Scorecard to quickly, efficiently, and impartially analyze the credit, criminal, and eviction history of all applicants.

The InstaScreen Tenant Scorecard is a simple, powerful recommendation tool that eliminates the inconsistency and slowness of manually reviewing the credit report and background check. You will enjoy improved decision turnaround time, reduced delinquency rates, simplified compliance, and increased bottom-line margins.

How the Tenant Scorecard™ Works

  • Every applicant receives a "Pass", "Fail", or "Conditional" recommendation, taking the guesswork out of choosing the right tenant.
  • Customizable recommendation criteria ensure that your clients are getting the right tenants in the right properties.
  • Accurate, automated, and objective scoring recommendations reduce exposure to fair housing discrimination liability.
  • Score multiple applicants (roommates) together for a merged recommendation and easily remove any unqualified roommates to recalculate the recommendation.

  • Available credit history recommendation criteria is based on:
    - Income-to-rent ratio
    - Income-to-debt ratio
    - Credit Score
    - Trade-line payment history
    - Collection/charge off history
    - Bankruptcy history
    - Tax lien history
    - Judgment history
    - Other multiple sources

The following is a look at how your parameter criteria is entered to help determine your decision to "pass", "fail" or "conditionally accept" your applicant:

The InstaScreen™ Tenant Scorecard™ provides a simple, powerful means to score applicants. Give yourself a competitive screening edge with the Tenant Scorecard™.

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