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Rent Collection Forms

Lease Enforcement & Rent Collection Forms

Overseeing paperwork is one of the most tedious tasks of being a landlord. However, at the Land Protection Agency (LPA), we have an extensive selection of rent collection forms you can use across various states. Whether you need security settlement, charges due to notice, or grounds violations files, you can find them all at The LPA.

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Rent Collection Forms

Security Deposit Settlement Statement

Property Condition Report

Credit Reporting Disclosure Notice to Former Tenant

The Security Deposit Settlement Statement allows you to make valid, itemized, and explained deductions from the security deposit.

The Property Condition Report is not only a complete Move-In and Move-Out Condition checklist, but also puts the tenant on notice that the condition has been documented, dated, and acknowledged.

If necessary, you can warn delinquent tenants about reporting debts that can affect their credit. Doing so makes them take your payment requests more seriously.

Lease Violation Notice

Lease Violation Notice - Strong Version

Grounds Violation Notice

The Lease Violation Notice legally warns and informs the tenants that they are on notice that they need to correct any listed violations in order to bring their lease back into good standing. It identifies the violations and instructs the tenant to correct the situation within a specified period of time.

This stronger version of the Lease Violation Notice is stronger, more direct, and legally to the point. It legally warns and informs the tenant that they are on notice that they need to correct any listed violations in order to bring their lease back into good standing. It identifies the violations and instructs the tenant to correct the situation within a specified period of time or face unpleasant consequences.

The Grounds Violation Notice is a useful tool to protect your property from neglect. It is used to make the tenant live up to their agreement to properly maintain the grounds.

Notice of Charges Due

Rent Deficiency Notice

Unauthorized Rent Deduction Notice

Ever lose money to tenants because you got tired of going after them for past due charges? The Notice of Charges Due helps make the task of collecting past due balances much easier. Don’t lose old late fees or unpaid partial rents again.

The Rent Deficiency Notice informs the tenant that the rent was not received in full, asking for the balance due along with any applicable and growing late fees.

This certificate warns occupants that it’s illegal to take deductions out of their rent payments without your consent. It will reiterate that doing so is a lease violation and ask for the balance due along with any applicable and growing late fees.

Notice To Pay Rent or Quit - Includes Demand for Payment

Urgent Late Notice - Eviction Status Warning

Urgent Late Notice - Eviction Status Warning - Strong Version

The Notice to Pay Rent or Quit is used to notify the tenant that the rent payment is overdue and payable. This Eviction Notice legally warns the tenant that you are about to begin eviction proceedings if the default is not cured within a set amount of days. It also makes a formal demand for payment. Many evictions have been adjourned by the judge because the landlord failed to make a formal demand for payment. This form ensures that won’t happen to you.

This urgent late notice is an intimidating and official-looking document from which we modeled after a 72 hour eviction notice posted by our Sherriff’s Department while evicting a tenant. It is designed to make the tenant pay the rent, plus late charges, before legal fees and other charges are added on.

This official Late Notice and demand for payment sums up all charges the tenant is indebted to the landlord and warns the tenant of pending eviction. This notice demands compliance by a fixed date or the tenancy shall be deemed terminated.

Urgent Late Notice - Eviction Status Warning - Spanish Version

Security Settlement Challenge Crusher

Lease Obligation Reminder Letter

The strong version of the Urgent Late Notice for landlords who have Spanish-speaking tenants. In some states, the landlord is required to supply non-English speaking tenants with a copy of the lease in their own language. Enforce your lease with your Spanish-speaking tenants even if you don’t speak Spanish.

The purpose of the Security Settlement Challenge Crusher Letter is to quickly squash any unfounded tenant arguments about deductions made from the security deposit refund.

Sometimes, even well-meaning lessees forget the stipulations in their lease agreements. When they neglect their responsibilities, you can send them a notice to enforce the terms of your contract.

Rent Statement Mailer

Notice to Comply Letter

Attorney’s Fee Warning Notice

Once in a while, the checks you receive will bounce. When this happens, you can send a Dishonored Check Notice with details on bounced check charges, late fees, and daily late charges as stated in your lease agreement.

Yes, it’s possible to organize your collection efforts! This form lets landlords tailor it to address specific purposes, such as sending reminders for any past due balances.

This form is signed by the tenant and advises them that although their account is in “eviction status” they are being granted a one-time opportunity to bring current their arrears by a preset date. In the event the default plus any other charges are not paid by the deadline, the eviction proceedings will continue until the tenants are vacated.

Dishonored Check Notice

Account Status Notification

Promise to Pay

The Rent Statement Mailer allows you to supply tenants with a professional monthly statement. More tenants who receive a regular monthly statement remember to pay the rent early or on time to avoid late charges.

As a landlord, part of your responsibilities is to help occupants live up to their lease agreement. The Notice to Comply Letter keeps them from forgetting any outstanding items that may not have been present when the lease was executed, such as a copy of renter’s insurance or service contracts. The lease is technically in violation until the tenant produces these items to be in full compliance.

The Attorney’s Fee Warning Notice gives the tenant one last opportunity to pay and avoid an attorney’s fee before you send the account to your eviction attorney.

Eviction Information Sheet

Payment Book Template

Notice of Execution of Daily Rental

We created the Eviction Information Sheet to save landlords time and money by making it as easy as possible for an eviction attorney to begin an eviction with all the relevant case information readily available.

This document exudes unmatched professionalism. With LPA on your side, you can send official-looking payment documents with tear-off slips.

Your LPA Lease includes a daily rental clause which has been used successfully to avoid costly evictions. The tenant agrees and authorizes you to have them removed, arrested, and prosecuted in the event they fail to rectify the default situation as outlined in the Notice of Execution of Daily Rental.

Rent Increase Reminder

Evictions Ramifications Notice

Late Charge Due Notice

Whenever you increase your rent, it’s crucial to remind your tenants about it. This form provides you with a convenient way to do just that.

Give the tenant reasons to avoid the evictions process. This notice explains the immediate and future drawbacks to the tenant caused by the process of eviction and its aftermath.

This form reminds the tenant that the rent was paid late and a late fee is still due. Past due penalties can become added rent, which can put a tenant’s lease in default standing.

Security Deposit Reminder Letter

The Security Deposit Reminder Letter helps you enforce the terms of your lease, namely the full payment of the agreed security deposit.

Benefits of Using Lease Enforcement & Rent Collection Forms From LPA

The LPA rent collection forms can help you enforce the lease while stating clearly what the tenant is responsible for and when payments must be made. They clarify tenant obligations, document interactions with the tenant, and protect you in a court of law. Get attorney and judge-approved landlord documents now only from LPA.

Additional Membership Benefits

Becoming a member of the Landlord Protection Agency also offers additional benefits to make property management much easier. Here are other benefits landlords enjoy with a membership.

Heads-Up Email Notices

A specific pre-written set of emails disclosing payment reminders, renewal options, and lease violations so that you don’t have to create these on your own. The work is already done for you. Copy, paste, and send!

Free Tenant Credit Reporting

As a landlord, receive guidance to report current and former tenant payment history, habits, and behaviors to national credit bureaus and our in-house tenant reporting database. All consumer reporting is done in strict compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) guidelines.

Instant Credit Reports & Tenant Screening Background Checks with Discounts!

Great tenants are found through careful tenant screening. Use quick check credit reports through TransUnion Smartmove and receive the information you need about prospective tenants to make an informed decision. Always do this before a prospective tenant signs a lease. Members receive a discount on QuickCheck services.

Landlord Knowledge Bank Resources

Gain access to the Tips & Articles Library, Landlord Newsletter archive, and our Ask the Attorney Q&A section where you can submit your questions and receive answers from John Reno, an eviction attorney.

Best Practices for a Great Landlord-Tenant Relationship

It may be challenging to build a good landlord-tenant relationship, but doing so boosts the chances of caring for your property. Part of your tasks in fostering such connections is to make their stay more convenient — which these documents can achieve. Clearly spelled-out written agreements help the tenant understand their obligations so your are ideal in any lease contracts because they let you communicate in a non-demanding way.


“John is a wealth of knowledge! His systems are tried and true, and his portfolio proves it. If you are thinking about owning a rental property, own a rental property OR are a seasoned real estate investor - no one will help you get your systems in place, and mitigate you from risk better than John and the Landlord Protection Agency.” Kristen Wilkinson

“I first became a landlord in 2008. The Landlord Protection Agency and John have been instrumental in making my experience as a landlord smooth and easy. I learned how to screen for tenants, how to handle different landlord situation that might come up, etc. I gained so much valuable information from the LPA and feel confident in handling whatever comes along. Highly recommend!” K Smith

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What is the difference between a lease violation and a grounds violation?

Tenants commit a lease violation when they don’t follow the stipulations of your agreement. While they include various breaches, grounds violations only focus on maintaining your property.

Why is an unauthorized rent deduction notice important to have?

An Unauthorized Rent Deduction Notice helps you discourage bad tenant habits. It’s essential to let renters know that infractions are not acceptable, no matter how big or small they are.

What is a rent statement template?

Like credit card statements, these documents encourage lessees to pay their dues on time. A Rent Statement Template is a detailed guide to developing such files.

What Is the Difference Between a Notice To Comply Letter and a Lease Violation Letter?

The Notice To Comply Letter serves as a simple reminder to prevent boarders from missing information about your lease agreement with them. Think of it as a checklist. However, a Lease Violation Letter serves as a warning when tenants have already committed violations like late payments, bringing in unauthorized occupants, or sneaking in pets.

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