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Landlord Seminars, Webinar and Workshops

Seminars, Webinars, Boot Camps and Workshops!

Upcoming Webinars:

  1. Mike Butler- Managing Rental Real Estate Better with Quickbooks

  • Free Collect Back Rent Webinars
  • Landlord Training - Obtaining the Judgment
    Collect Back Rent - 20 Minute Session #1 With Cynthia Schmidt

    • Eviction Notices
    • The Eviction Process
    • Big Mistakes Most Landlords Make
    • Small Claims Court
    • Procedures & Interest
    • How to Collect your money!

    Session 2 With Cynthia Schmidt of The Collect Back Rent Training Course.

    • How to Find the Debtor (Your former tenant who owes you money)
    • The Post Judgment and Discovery process
    • Discovery and Bench Warrant
    • How long are judgments good for?
    • How to Collect your money!

    • Free Landlord Webinar
    • "Finding and Keeping Qualified Tenants"

      If you’re a landlord who’s Ever had a tenant problem, how much did it cost you for that tenant problem? Master the Art of Foolproof Tenant Screening and Learn to Eliminate 95% of Tenant Problems!
      Take advantage of the recorded Teaching Session at

    • Free Landlord Webinar
    • Free Landlord Training Webinar
      Take advantage of the recorded Teaching Session at

      The Landlord Protection Agency & Collect Back Rent "Estero Mini-Convention" 2016

      Nationally known real estate speakers Larry Harbolt, Cynthia & Gary Schmidt, and John Nuzzolese share with you powerful experiences and knowledge to propel you to your success! PLUS Special South West Florida Real Estate Report by Erica Michaels!

      Register here!

      Do you have and ex-tenants who owe you money?
      Would you like to be paid any of that money... that money that is yours... that you never collected? If so, you want to see this Training Session by Cynthia Schmidt, the lady who wrote the book for every state on Collecting Back Rent!
      Take advantage of the recorded Teaching Session at

    • June 24, 2015 8PM Est.
    • Live Webinar with John Nuzzolese, "Finding and KEEPING Qualified Tenants"

      Landlord Protection Agency Free Pre-Screening Prospect Card from J Nuzzolese on Vimeo.

    • May 27, 2015 8PM Est.
    • Live Webinar with Larry Harbolt, "Getting Your Real Estate Money Machine Started"

    • May 12, 2015
    • The LPA & Collect Back Rent Live Webinar with Cynthia & Gary Schmidt - (New Special webinar Guest Starring Paul Brazie, founder of Mobil Home Schooled)
      Ordering page
      This will be an Encore Webinar for those attendees who were unable to attend the original presentation on April 22nd.

    • OREIA National Real Estate Summit November 6th-9th, 2014: Convention Pictures

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