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Tenant Finder 2 Sided Laminated Telephone Worksheet and Qualifying Chart

The LPA's Tenant-Finder™
Side 1: Pre-Screening Telephone Worksheet

"It is far better to have no tenant than to have a bad tenant."

Tenant Finder Worksheet

I've been asked dozens of times in the last year to create a new form to help landlords ask the right questions on the telephone to help determine if the caller is someone you'd like to set an appointment to show your rental to. The LPA's new Tenant-Finder™ Pre-Screening Telephone Worksheet has developed from a simple prospect card into a handy and more complete screening tool for telephone interviews.

Have you ever met prospective tenants at your rental property, shown it to them, had them fill out a rental application only to find that they were nowhere near qualified? A simple pre-screening telephone interview can be a major time saver. Why not focus your attention on the most qualified prospects?

Before giving out the address of your rental property and committing your time to a doomed appointment with an unqualified renter, you have a chance to more carefully evaluate which prospects are worth meeting with.

I feel very strongly about strict tenant screening, which begins at First Contact with the tenant. First Contact is when you speak with the potential tenant for the first time, usually when they respond to one of your rental ads. At that point, you have the opportunity to learn what you can about this person's current situation. Are they employed? Can they afford your rental? Do their moving dates correspond with your rental's availability? Is their credit rating acceptable? And so on.

After completing your Tenant-Finder™ Pre-Screening Telephone Worksheet, you can use the scoring area to evaluate your new prospect. Print up a pile of them to screen your next tenant!

Eliminate bad tenant risks before spending your valuable time on them.
"Eliminating a bad tenant before I even have to meet him is what I consider the cheapest eviction I can have!" - John@theLPA

Side 2: The Tenant-Finder™ Prospect Qualifying Chart

Takes the Stress Out of the Decision
Score Prospects by Their Point Value

Score your Tenant-Finder™ Chart to help you evaluate the prospective applicant. Before or after making an appointment to show your property to an applicant, examine your findings. The LPA Tenant-Finder™ Prospect Qualifying Chart will help you determine a more accurate score for each applicant.

The Tenant-Finder™ Prospect Qualifying Chart helps you break down the evaluation of a rental prospect into five main categories.

Those categories are

  1. Money
  2. People
  3. Credit
  4. Tenant
  5. Timing

Although the Tenant-Finder™ Prospect Qualifying Chart is designed to work with the scoring of the Tenant-Finder™ Worksheet, it can also be used alone to score prospective tenants before committing to an appointment for a lease agreement.

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