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Landlord Tips: Rental Open House Works

OPEN HOUSE saves time

When I'm showing a rental property, I like to arrange it to be a multiple showing, like an open house. Rental Open House I set aside an hour for a particular day like a Sunday between 1 and 2PM and try to send a dozen or so customers to see the property.
I bring a pile of applications with me and am prepared to answer questions about the rental. The whole time I am scrutinizing the prospects.
There is such a feeling of competition between the prospective tenants, and makes any one of them feel lucky if they are chosen. Most of them are willing to submit their application, screening fee and deposit on the spot.
This has been a great time saver for me, and makes getting properties rented a little easier and fun. - John Nuzzolese

Individual Appointments

You can't always wait around to have an open house if the customer response isn't there for you. Sometimes you will need to make an appointment with a good prospect before you lose him to another landlord.

Assuming you've already pre-screened your prospect and feel safe making an appointment to meet at your office or at the rental property, I always recommend these 3 things:

  1. Verify the prospects phone number by calling back to confirm the appointment
  2. Make a point of asking the person to please call you if there is any problem making the appointment on time.
  3. Ask the prospect to come prepared with ID, a checkbook or cash, and whatever you need to accept a deposit from a serious renter.

You can proceed to your appointment more confident when you have an interested party who is on-board with following your simple instructions!

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