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What's a Landlord to Do When ...

Have you ever been confronted with a rental or tenant problem that you were just not sure what to do about? I know I have. In cases like that, it really helps if you have someone to turn to.

Of course, I also spent the last 29 years learning from costly mistakes the hard way and I'm still learning new lessons as new problems present themselves. Over the years I've read as many landlord books as I could get my hands on, taken seminars and I'm lucky enough to have a great support group of other landlords and attorneys who are happy to help when I need answers. Through this site, you too now have a fantastic landlord support group.

Below is a list of some landlord situations that may provide answers. I hope you will find what you're looking for.
- John

What Do I Do When...

  • I have a potential tenant to screen?
  • it's time to get the tenant to sign the lease?
  • the tenant doesn't pay?
  • the tenant wants to leave?
  • the tenant has moved out?
  • I have to raise the rent?
  • the tenant wants to use the security deposit as rent?
  • How do I ... Get the tenant to pay the rent early?
  • 6 Ways to Turn Good Tenants into Better Tenants
  • The Top 5 ways to ruin a good tenancy
  • my tenant has unauthorized people living in my rental?
  • How do I make sure the tenant will take good care of my property?
  • the rent is late?
  • the tenant constantly complains about silly things?
  • the tenant wants his security deposit back before or as he moves out?
  • the tenant argues about deductions from his security deposit?
  • the tenant leaves a lot of junk in my rental after moving out?
  • the tenant parks his car(s) on the lawn?
  • the tenant abuses the utilities that I pay for?
  • the tenant doesn't want to sign my lease?
  • the tenant won't pay the late fees?

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