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1. Tenant Screening Credit Report:
Receive an easy to read complete credit report and recommendation in seconds. Every report comes with a complete credit history on each applicant including payment history, credit score, reported judgments, address history, employment history, collection, and public records.

(View Sample Credit Report)
Credit Report = $13.99
LPA Members: Credit Report = $11.99
Turnaround Time: Instant *

2. National Criminal Background Report:
Nationwide coverage of all 50 states. Our standard national criminal report has instant online results.

(View Sample National Criminal Report)
Criminal Search National = $12.99
LPA Members: Criminal Search National = $11.99
Turnaround Time: Instant *

3. Federal Criminal Records Search:
Identifies felony and/or misdemeanor level conviction records, and arrests pending adjudication in the federal district requested. Multiple districts may be selected, per applicant, and based upon the applicant’s disclosed and/or developed residence address history.

Federal Criminal Search = $24.99
LPA Members: Federal Criminal Search = $23.99
Manual report. Turnaround Time: 1-3 days.

4. Eviction Search - National:
Nationwide eviction report provides information that is not recorded on a credit report.

(View Sample Eviction Report)
National Eviction Report = $9.99
LPA Members: National Eviction Report = $8.99
Turnaround Time: Instant *

5. Eviction Search - Single State:

1 State Eviction Report = $6.99
LPA Members: 1 State Eviction Report = $5.99
Turnaround Time: Instant *

6. Global Homeland Security Search:
Developed as a response to The Patriot Act and the War on Terror. Checks domestic and international sanctions databases. Individuals or organizations on these lists may be involved in terrorist activities, money laundering, illegal imports, fraud against government agencies, violations of federal banking regulations, drug trafficking, etc. A/K/A the Terrorist Watch List.

Global Homeland Security Search = $7.99
LPA Members: Global Homeland Security Search = $5.99
Turnaround Time: Instant *

7. Person Search:
The Person Search uses the applicant's social security number to obtain the current name, address, date of birth, telephone number as well as identify potential previous addresses the applicant may have used. It also is used to verify the applicant's social security number.

Person Search = $7.99
LPA Members: Person Search = $6.99
Turnaround Time: Instant *

* = 10 seconds - 5 minutes

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