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Site Inspection
For Owners or Businesses

Site Verifications - Full Credit Reports

The Credit Bureaus are enforcing stricter regulations concerning private landlord End Users.
The credit bureau regulations require ALL Credit Report Resellers to obtain a Physical Site Inspection on the place of business (home office or commercial location) of ALL End Users (you) with access to credit reports. The Bureaus regularly audit credit report Resellers such as Quick Check to make sure they comply with the high standards of security necessary to protect against Identity Theft and misuse of tenant credit reports. The office of Quick Check Credit Reports has also been inspected by an inspector on behalf of the credit bureaus to ensure strict compliance. Your privacy and the security of your confidential records is a top priority. The server for InstaScreen and Quick Check is a Secured Site with Verizon Cybertrust Security.

Order your own site verification directly at https://www.businessverifications.com/login.aspx?source=QuickCheckCredit

To enable you to get the lowest price ($59.), Quick Check does not make any money on site inspections. The inspector will view your business location to confirm that it adheres to the following guidelines:

  • Office is in commercial setting, or if in residence, must have separate entrance and area from living space
  • Office-appropriate furniture - locking filing cabinet, desk, etc.
  • Signage and/or stationary with company name
  • Exclusive phone number for business
  • Company/prospective member cannot be involved in the following activities: Investigative/Detective Agency, Pawn Shop, Credit repair/Credit Counseling, Check Cashing, News agency or journalist, Process Server, or Bail Bond Company.
  • Pictures of exterior and interior of office will be taken during inspection.

Please note that the inspection can take 3-7 business days; we will not be allowed to activate credit reports to your account until the inspection report is received.

Credit Decision Scorecard - No Site Inspection Necessary

The Credit Decision Scorecard is an excellent alternative consumer report for landlords who elect not to submit to a site inspection. The Scorecard converts TransUnion credit report data, combined with other information into a quick, simple "Pass or Fail" report.

Since Quick Check Credit Reports is a reseller of confidential and sensitive credit bureau data, we are required to abide by Bureau rules and verify that each applicant (End User) has a legal permissible purpose to obtain consumer reports according to FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act).

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