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By applying for membership in The Landlord Protection Agency or ordering products, the Applicant agrees to be bound by this Agreement and the Terms and Conditions herein. This Agreement between The LPA (The Landlord Protection Agency, Inc.) and you (the "Applicant") contains the following terms and conditions:


No Refund Policy: The low cost of membership in The LPA instantly provides the Applicant with a tremendous value of products, tools and discounts. Membership materials, form downloads and access to confidential databases are immediately accessible at the time of approving this agreement with your electronic signature and completing the order. LPA membership materials and products are Copyrighted Intellectual Property. Since immediate access to all products and features is delivered via the internet at the time the order is completed, all fees paid to The Landlord Protection Agency (The LPA) are non-refundable, except in the case of duplicate orders. Duplicate form orders or duplicate membership orders from the same applicant will be promptly voided or credited to the applicant. A duplicate order is when the same product is ordered and paid for more than once within the same 60 days.
When a membership is for more than 1 year, the applicant will receive The LPA CD of Essential Forms ($149.99 if purchased separately) in addition to immediate and unlimited downloads and access to other LPA members only benefits.
Multiple year memberships are heavily discounted. For example: A request to convert a multiple year membership to a 1 year membership price + the retail cost of the CD, calculates to a higher price than the multiple year membership.


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