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FREE BONUS Forms Disk for
2 -5 year LPA Members


LPA Membership has its Advantages

  • Essential Landlord Forms included free as part of your LPA membership (over $1,200.00 value without membership). (Just be logged in first with your username & password)

  • CD of landlord forms SPECIAL FREE BONUS - FORMS DISK
    comes with all 2 - 5+ year LPA Memberships

    The idea is to make you a more powerful landlord - able to handle just about any landlord / tenant situation in a professional way, saving you time and money. Includes the Essential Forms and Free Forms collections in MS Word. Over $1,000.00 value when purchased individually
    Yes, this offer also applies to LPA membership renewals!
    Having all the forms all on disk is a handy time saving convenience.

  • Report Tenants to Credit Bureau and National tenant reporting database
    The Landlord Protection Agency empowers members to report former and current tenant payment history and bad debts to national credit bureaus and our tenant reporting database. All consumer reporting is done in strict compliance with Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) guidelines.

  • Free Forms Collection - Editable in MS Word for LPA Members Only
    Be fully equipped and save them to your computer in Microsoft Word along with all the Essential Landlord Forms. You'll be free to edit and customize them to your properties just like the Essential Forms.
    (Just be logged on with your member username & password)

    Click here for our regular Free Forms in Adobe Acrobat PDF.

  • New Landlord InformationHeads Up! E-Mail Notices and Reminders Collection Exclusive Free Bonus for LPA Members! Banks do it, utility companies and management companies do it, because it works - and you can too! You don't need a complicated program to send your tenants a simple e-mail reminder notice.

  • Credit Reports - Set up your own account with the The LPA's Quick Check Credit Reports service
    Quick Check Credit Reports ~ Tenant screening - No signup fees! No Onsite Inspection for Private Landlords

    Special Tenant Screening Discounts for LPA members.
    See our reports price list!
    Quick Check also provides a variety of Criminal and Tenant Eviction Checks and more!

    "I'm excited about my new credit account with Quick Check Credit Reports. With the special LPA member discount prices, I already saved enough money on reports to cover my 5 year LPA membership!" - Jack Klein, LPA Member

  • TransUnion SmartMove An applicant assisted alternative.
    Prospects verify identity online without exposing sensitive data like their social security # to landlord. No lengthy approval process for the landlord.

  • LPA Members are Eligible for Discounts from Major Suppliers

    The LPA has a great new program with Community Buying Group to help you save money at Lowe’s, Sherwin Williams, Sears Commercial and 20 other suppliers. The best part is that there is no cost to you and existing Lowe’s LAR and Sherwin Williams accounts qualify for additional discounts. Take advantage of this program click here to register (no charge to you)

    • Lowe’s
    • Sherwin Williams
    • Sears Commercial
    • OfficeMax
    • and 20 other suppliers.
    It costs you nothing and only saves you lots of money! Click here for this money saving member's only benefits!
    Just another feature of LPA membership that more than pays for the whole membership! If you're a landlord or real estate professional, it would be worth your time to check this out! (normally $99.00 for other people) and if you're not already an LPA member, don't tell me you can't afford it!

  • John A. Reno, Attorney at LawASK the ATTORNEY!
    John Reno, Esq. has specialized in landlord tenant law for many years. As an expert in landlord tenant legal matters, Mr. Reno answers questions asked by LPA members. Do any of the questions apply to your rental(s)?

  • Landlord Articles Library
    Access and read specialized landlord articles that about real day to day nitty gritty solutions, and how to avoid many common problems landlords face when dealing with tenants.

  • Free Rental Ads RENTAL ADVERTISING: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words...
    UNLIMITED FREE ADS for LPA Members. Rental ads are also seen at The National Tenant Register, our national rental database visited by potential tenants nationwide every day.

  • State specific lease clause inserts for LPA Lease Rental AgreementNew Landlord InformationState Specific Lease Clause Index
    For LPA Leases and LPA Rental Agreements which are included free in your LPA Membership. The state landlord tenant laws vary slightly across the US. The LPA State Specific Lease Clause Index gives you your state's clause inserts for your LPA Lease or Rental Agreement so you can be in full compliance with your state notice periods and other lease details.

  • The Deadbeat Database™ Access and Report Tenant Histories, good or bad. Also known as The National Tenant Rating Bureau , it is a nationwide database where you can look up and report your tenants and their behavior in full detail to alert other landlords to be on the lookout.

  • Member Access to LPA Newsletter Archive - Check out past informative LPA Newsletters with some of the best landlord tips and ideas to help you navigate through most common landlording obstacles!

  • The Landlord Q&A and Tips Forum - LPA Members have the option of requesting e-mail responses or telephone contact for help concerning landlord / tenant related problems.

  • Associations - List your landlord or apartment owners association in our Associations Directory. Also find associations near you

  • View Rentals Wanted Ads placed by tenants who may be looking to rent from you.

  • The National Real Estate Broker Directory - Real Estate professionals can let Landlords and Sellers know they adhere to a higher standard of ethics expertise in protecting the interests of their clients as members of The Landlord Protection Agency.

  • Look Up Businesses that cater to the interests of Landlords. You may also advertise your business(es) here at no charge as an LPA member.

  • Attorney Directory - Attorneys knowledgeable in Landlord/Tenant matters can be found easily nationwide.LPA Attorney members advertise free.

  • Mortgage Loan Calculator.

  • Membership Renewals
    Save Money with our Promotional Membership Renewal Prices!

    *Your Membership Expired? No Problem!

  • LPA Customer Service
    Website help, Account maintenance, Lost password retrieval, FAQs, Order history...

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