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  • Free Forms - An additional landlord form selection, available for free, and easy to print

  • Essential Forms - Free information and tips on all of the Essential Landlord forms description pages. (Click on a form's title to view description pages.) Get Maximum Landlord Protection with these downloadable editable, printable landlord forms. (Essential Landlord Forms are over $1,200.00 value when sold individually or INCLUDED FREE with LPA membership), but worth so much more when they help you avoid just one small tenant problem!

  • JOIN our FREE MONTHLY Email LPA Newsletter. Helpful landlording topics and ideas sent to you each month by e-mail.

    Fast Online Tenant Screening - Credit Reports are Fast and Online. No signup fees! No Onsite Inspection for Private Landlords

  • Credit Reports - Set up your own account with the LPA's Credit Reporting Bureau, Quick Check Credit Reports!
    There is no charge for credit bureau membership. Quick Check also offers a special discount for LPA Members! Check out the excellent prices.

  • FREE Access to Q&A/Chat Forum - Discuss Landlord related issues with experts and other visitors. Ask questions, get answers, share ideas & tips

  • Landlord Tips - Specialized knowledge and inspiration for the landlord

    Landlord Tenant Law - Be informed on the Landlord /Tenant Laws and Codes that affect your properties.

  • Landlord's Corner View/Place For Rent Ads - For landlords seeking to fill rentals quickly

  • The Professionals Directory Business Listings - Contractor & Vendor Database for Landlords

  • View/Place Classified Ads - For a variety of landlord-related advertising

  • Take the LPA Landlord Test . See how you score.

  • Mortgage Loan Calculator.

  • Insightful Quotes - Stay motivated and succeed

  • Free Landlord Articles - Even though "Landlord Articles" is a members only area, The LPA still provides a selection of FREE landlord articles on our Main Menu and in our newsletter archive.

  • Free Real Estate Investment Articles

  • Landlord Links - Years ago we had learn the landlord business the hard way...

  • Free Forms CD - The LPA releases Free Forms CD for Associations and Landlord classes @ $1.49 each

  • Eviction Pictures
    If you are faint of heart, don't look! Sometimes we need to remind ourselves of just what a brutal business this can be and of what unscreened tenants can do to our property!

  • National Real Estate Broker Directory - Find brokers and representatives in your area who know how to protect the landlord.

  • Attorney Directory - Find legal services in your area

  • Associations - Find landlord or owner's associations near you

  • Book Recommendations - Suggested reading for the enterprising Landlord

  • The LPA Advantages Tour

  • Complete LPA Forms Collection on Disk (with LPA membership)

  • Complete LPA Forms Collection on Disk (without LPA membership)

  • Disk for Landlord and Investor Associations: CD of Free Forms Handout - $29.99 per 20 pack.

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