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The LPA Home Study Landlord Package

"No matter how carefully you plan your goals, they will never be more than pipe dreams unless you pursue them with gusto." - W. Clement Stone

LPA Full Home Study Package with Bonuses
(Includes 10 Year Full Access Membership or Renewal!)

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  • Package with 6 Year Renewal for only $847.00 w/Free Shipping!!!
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    Landlord books, audio disks and forms disk

    Don't have time to travel the country for landlord seminars?
    The Landlord Home Study Package also comes with full access to all our powerful features of The LPA website!

    Remember, besides the Manuals and Disks, this also includes full access to all areas of the website, including discounted credit reports, unlimited ads, and also reporting bad tenant debt to credit bureau no extra charge. * See Credit Bureau Reporting for details

    Special Bonuses Included with The LPA's Home Study Package with Bonuses & Membership!

    The LPA's Home Study Package + Membership includes

    10 Year Full Access LPA Membership.
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    • Landlord Manual 1: "Finding and Keeping Qualified Tenants
      From Pre-Screening to Lease Signing
      A Step by Step Guide"

      Landlord Tenant Screening book
      • Advertising Your Rental
      • The Safest Way to Pre-Screen your Tenants
      • Avoid the 6 Biggest Landlord Traps
      • What Not to Say to Prospective Tenants
      • Fair Housing Laws
      • Deposits
      • How to Verify the Info on The Rental Application
      • Do's & Don'ts of The Rental Application
      • The Landlord Reference Qualifier
      • Credit Reports & Background Checks
      • Evaluating Prospects
      • How to Read a Credit Report
      • Tenant Acceptance and Denial
      • How to Approve Your New Tenants
      • Important Pre-Lease Disclosure Forms that Make a Big Difference in Your Rent Payments
      • The Property Condition Move-In Report
      • Preparing to Rent

    • Landlord Manual 2:
      "Landlord Power! 50 Kick A$$ Clauses
      The Forms to Enforce Them!"

    • Setting Your Lease Policies Clause by Clause
    • 50 + Clauses of Landlord Protection Explained Clause By Clause
    • How to Enforce Your Lease and Keep the Rent Coming In
    • How to Get Tenants to Care for Your Property
    • Fixed Lease Term or Month to Month?
    • How to Make Tenants Want to Pay Early
    • Late Fees and a Foolproof Way to Collect Them
    • What To Do When You Have Unauthorized Tenants
    • What To Do When the Tenant Doesn’t Pay
    • What To Do When the Tenants Want to Move
    • What To Do When the Tenant Wants to Use the Security Deposit As Rent
    • What To Do When I Have to Raise the Rent
    • How to Select a Good Eviction Attorney
    • Eliminate Disputes on Security Deductions
    • 50 Lease Management and Enforcement Forms

    Complete LPA Essential Forms Disk

    The Essential Forms Disk contains a permanent copy of all of the LPA Leases, Rental Applications & Screening forms, Lease Enforcement and Collection forms and a wide range of Property Management Forms to keep your rentals running smoothly. When logged in, they are also availabe to you on the website in MS Word and PDF format. The Disk also contains a collection of handy "Heads Up" Email Notices to Tenants.

    DVD: Tenant Screening - Bad Tenants BE GONE! - 1 Hour Teaching Session

    Finding and Keeping Qualified Tenants
    From Pre-Screening to Lease Signing
    Master the Art of Foolproof Tenant Screening And Learn How to Eliminate 95% of Tenant Problems!
    • How to Never get stuck with a Bad Tenant Again!
    • 10 Easy Steps from Pre-Screening to Lease Signing
    • Big Mistakes Most Landlords Make
    • Recognizing Red Flags
    • 6 Easy Steps to Set Up a successful tenancy
    • How to Always get Free Credit Reports
    • How to Never Reject an Applicant again
    • Q & A with me

    DVD: Collect Back Rent - Two 20 minute Teaching Sessions

    Session 1: Obtaining the Judgment:
  • Eviction Notices,
  • The Eviction Process,
  • Big Mistakes Most Landlords Make,
  • Small Claims Court,
  • Procedures & Interest,

    Session 2: Post Judgment proceedings and How to Get Your Money!
  • How to Find the Debtor (Your former tenant who owes you money),
  • The Post Judgment and Discovery process,
  • Discovery and Bench Warrant,
  • How long are judgments good for?
  • How to Collect your money!

    Audio Disk 1: Tenant Screening

  • Pre-Screening
  • Deposits
  • The Rental Application
  • Credit Reports
  • Tenant Acceptance and Denial
  • Preparing to Rent

    Audio Disk 2: Landlord Power: Clauses, Experiences & Enforcement

  • Signing the Lease
  • Lease vs. Rental Agreement
  • Rental Term
  • Rent and Delivery of Payments
  • Added Rent Explained
  • Collecting Late Charges
  • Getting Rent Paid Early
  • Unauthorized Residents

    Remember, this also includes full access to all areas of the website and also reporting bad tenant debt to credit bureau no extra charge. * See Credit Bureau Reporting for details

    Includes All the Items in Above Package

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