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Landlord Do's and Don'ts : The LPA Lease

Landlord Do's & Don'ts
What The LPA says you should do and what you shouldn't do regarding The Lease Signing

  • Sit down and read over the lease with the tenant, emphasizing the important parts.
  • Have a signed & fully documented Property Condition Report before giving any keys to the tenants.
  • Staple a copy of the Tenant's Notice of Intention to Vacate Letter to the back of the tenant's copy of the lease.
  • Be sure all funds are in cash or the check has cleared before giving the tenant any keys.
  • Warn the tenant that you or your partner or manager report to national tenant and credit bureaus, so it would be in their best interest to pay on time or early.

  • Allow the tenant to strike clauses or amend important parts of your lease.
  • Be afraid to tear up the lease and return the tenant's money if you are unhappy with the meeting.
  • Get too friendly with the tenants.

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