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Landlord Power - 50 Kick A$$ Lease Clauses Part 1 - Webinar

"When you need advice- do you seek someone who has proven success or do you get advice from people who have never achieved what you desire?" - Robert G. Allen

Free Landlord Training Webinar!
The Anatomy of a Landlord’s Lease Agreement
Landlord Power! 50 Kick A$$ Lease Clauses and the Forms to Enforce them
with John Nuzzolese

Because My LPA Lease is so concentrated with Tons of Landlord Protection, this will be a series of webinars because I have SO MUCH Essential Stuff to share with you.
Lots of substance.

When it comes to governing landlord tenant relationships, I believe the lease is the most important legal document you can have. It is an instruction manual for your tenants for how live in and maintain your rental property according to your rules.

I recorded it, so you can

Here are some of the things I'll be talking about in this webinar series:

  • Setting Your Lease Policies Clause by Clause
  • Clauses of The LPA Lease Explained Clause By Clause
  • How to Enforce Your Lease and Keep the Rent Coming In
  • How to Get Tenants to Care for Your Property
  • Fixed Lease Term or Month to Month?
  • How to Make Tenants Want to Pay Early
  • Late Fees and a Foolproof Way to Collect Them
  • What To Do When You Have Unauthorized Tenants
  • What To Do When the Tenant Doesn’t Pay
  • What To Do When the Tenants Want to Move
  • What To Do When the Tenant Wants to Use the Security Deposit As Rent
  • What To Do When I Have to Raise the Rent
  • How to Select a Good Eviction Attorney
  • Eliminate Disputes on Security Deductions
  • 50 Lease Management and Enforcement Forms

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