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Property Management Forms

Property Management Form

Property managers have a lot on their plate everyday. From working with people from all walks of life to ongoing vacancies, maintenance requests, and screenings, a property manager needs a system to keep up with it all. The LPA property management forms are must-have items for any successful property manager. At LPA, we offer a wide range of forms, with selections by state and language. We also have variations such as lease termination, property sale notice, lease renewal agreements, and every other document a property manager needs.

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Benefits of Using Property Management Forms From LPA

When you use our property management forms, youíre setting yourself up for success. Using these forms can easily make tenant obligations clear, as well as protect your property and save thousands of dollars. Theyíre highly recommended by judges and attorneys for a reason. Our forms can be edited to fit any landlordís needs, and you can download and use them an unlimited number of times.


Lease Termination Letter

Early Lease Termination Amendment

Notice of Lease Update/Change of Terms

When you need your tenants to move out, the best way to inform them is with a Lease Termination Letter. The Lease Termination Letter does just that in a professional legal fashion. Itís important to give proper legal notice to avoid headaches later on.

Instead of including an Early Lease Termination clause in your agreement, use this form. This Early Lease Termination Letter will help you better protect your livelihood when a tenant wants to end the lease early.

The Lease Update/Change of Terms Notice is introduced to the tenant in the LPA lease. A valid Lease Update/Change of Terms notice allows the landlord to change add or remove information in the lease agreement.

Notice of Lease Non-Renewal

Property Management Agreement

Notice of Sale

You donít need to be trapped in a lease agreement with a problematic tenant. This Notice of Lease Non-Renewal will let you inform tenants that you do not want to renew the lease, in a friendly but professional manner.

If you need to focus your efforts elsewhere, having a dependable property manager is a huge help. This Property Management Agreement lets you document the responsibilities of both parties and ensure that your interests are protected. Great for single or multiple rental properties.

When you end up selling an occupied rental property, you have to inform your tenant. This Notice of Sale Letter will notify the tenant of a transfer of ownership. The form instructs that the terms of the lease agreement are still in full force. It also provides the tenant with new contact information concerning the new landlord.

Periodic Inspection Report

Notification of New Property Management

Lease Renewal Option

The Periodic inspection Report chronicles and documents conditions and damages in your rental during a tenancy. It is always a good idea to inspect your rentals periodically during a tenancy.

Have you hired a property manager to help you run your property? Notify your tenants properly with this Notification of New Property Management.

The Lease Renewal Option maintains and preserves the integrity of your lease with tenants who wish to continue their tenancy after your lease with them expires. It also provides for rent increases and instructions on notice to vacate.

Rent Increase Letter

Plumbing Stoppage and Drain Maintenance Notice

Notice of Intent To Enter Premises

The Rent Increase Letter is a simple form letter which tells the tenant the amount of their rent increase, when the increase takes effect, and the new payment amount. It is a polite notice which reaffirms that all the terms and notice periods agreed on in the lease remain intact.

Do your tenants know what not to flush? Or what not to put down the drain? Cut plumbing expenses and maintenance time by requiring your tenants to practice proper plumbing care with a Plumbing Stoppage and Drain Maintenance Notice.

Use the Notice of Intent to Enter Premises when the landlord when the landlord is required to give written notice before entering a rental unit for inspection, repairs, or other reasons.

Notice to Renew Lease or Vacate

Move Out, Clean Up & Debris Letter

Odor Notice

This Letter to Tenant To Renew Lease or Vacate is a multipurpose notice that helps you inform tenants they can either renew or leave. Sending this at least one to two months before the lease expires will give your tenants enough time to comply with any requirements.

Urge tenants before move-out to avoid clean up charges and deductions from their security deposit and make arrangements as soon as possible to get rid of their unwanted items, rather than leave them behind in or around the property.

If your tenantsí activities are causing unpleasant odors, it can lead to a multitude of complaints from other people. Using this Odor Notice will help you respectfully and discreetly deal with a potentially embarrassing situation.

Security Deposit Return Letter

Early Payment Discount Voucher

Tenantís Notice of Intent To Vacate

Tenants may vacate a property with zero damages. This situation calls for a full security deposit return, along with a Security Deposit Return Letter that thanks them for their performance as your tenant.

Letís get the tenants to pay early! The Early Payment Discount Voucher allows the landlord to give the tenant an incentive to pay the rent early. It can be used for a one-time event or for any span of rent periods you want. The LPA Lease already includes the Early Payment Discount clause, but this voucher can be used in addition to that as an added incentive. It is especially helpful to landlords who donít have their tenants on the LPA Lease yet.

When your tenant wants to move out, theyíre required to give you proper written notice. Give them a copy of this Notice of Intent To Vacate Template along with their lease agreement to encourage proper move-out practices.

Key Receipt

Snow and Ice Notice & Reminder

Security Deposit Refund Receipt

Property keys are as important as they are easy to lose. This Key Receipt form can be used to document the release of keys from you to your tenants or vice versa, to make the transfer of possession official.

The Snow and Ice Notice & Reminder can protect you from liability and also make the tenant live up to their agreement to keep your property safe.

In the event you refund security to a tenant in person, this form is a receipt and a release of any future claims by the tenant. When you refund a tenantís security deposit in cash, you need proper documentation to protect yourself from future claims by the tenant. You can use our Security Deposit Return Receipt form.

Rent Receipt

Itemized Security Deposit Deduction Letter

Work Order Form

Rent receipts are a convenient way to keep track of payments for both you and your tenant. Regardless of whether you accept rent in cash or check, our Rent Receipt form will make it easy to issue receipts.

Tenants will appreciate knowing exactly what charges have been deducted from their security deposit. This Itemized Security Deposit Deduction Letter will help you organize the list of charges and let tenants know what theyíre liable for.

When you hire maintenance services for your properties, make sure that you document the work you agreed to with this Maintenance Request Form. If a rental is occupied, itís also good to have the tenant sign the work order to acknowledge the work done.

Tenant Chart

If youíre dealing with a lot of tenants, it can be confusing to keep track of their information. This easy-to-use Tenant Chart will help keep you organized with each tenantís information.

Additional Membership Benefits

Becoming a member of the Landlord Protection Agency also offers additional benefits to make property management much easier. Here are other benefits landlords enjoy with a membership.

Heads-Up Email Notices

A specific pre-written set of emails disclosing payment reminders, renewal options, and lease violations so that you donít have to create these on your own. The work is already done for you. Copy, paste, and send!

Free Tenant Credit Reporting

As a landlord, receive guidance to report current and former tenant payment history, habits, and behaviors to national credit bureaus and our in-house tenant reporting database. All consumer reporting is done in strict compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) guidelines.

Instant Credit Reports & Tenant Screening Background Checks with Discounts!

Great tenants are found through careful tenant screening. Use quick check credit reports through TransUnion Smartmove and receive the information you need about prospective tenants to make an informed decision. Always do this before a prospective tenant signs a lease.

Landlord Knowledge Bank Resources

Gain access to the Tips & Articles Library, Landlord Newsletter archive, and our Ask the Attorney Q&A section where you can submit your questions and receive answers from John Reno, an eviction attorney.

Best Practices for a Great Landlord-Tenant Relationship

A great landlord-tenant relationship is built on trust. By using these forms, you make communication easier and clearer. When you have concrete documentation on hand, there is less room for heated disagreements and false accusations.


ďWe have known John Nuzzolese personally and used The LPA for about 7 years now. We feel they are a valuable resource for the Landlord community! So much so, that we have even shared their services with our North Florida Landlord Association (NFLLA). Thank you for all you do and keep up the great services you provide!Ē Dave & Laura Knollmueller

ďThe Landlod Protection Agency has so much valuable information to educate and help protect landlords in today's market. I have learned so much and I highly recommend it for every landlord.Ē Larry Harbolt

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Why is an odor notice letter important?

An odor notice letter helps you inform tenants that they need to address an offensive odor that bothers other people living in the building.

What is the difference between a lease termination letter, an early lease termination letter, and a not renewing lease letter?

A lease termination letter is sent by a landlord to their tenant, to inform them that the lease is about to expire. An early lease termination letter is sent by a tenant to their landlord, to inform them that the tenant wants to end the lease early. A not renewing lease letter can be sent by either the landlord or the tenant, to inform the other that they do not want to renew the lease after it expires.

What is a property management agreement?

A property management agreement is a legal contract between a management agency and a property owner. It details how the agency will manage the propertyís day-to-day operations. It also defines what services are the responsibility of the owner or the agency, as well as how the fees for those services are handled.

Why is a tenant move-out checklist important and when should it be provided to the tenant?

If you do not remind your tenants about cleaning up, they might forget to dispose of large, unwanted items or garbage. Itís best to provide them with a move-out checklist shortly after they give you notice of their intention to vacate.

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