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Quick Glance Tenant Chart

Ever get a call from a tenant and feel completely disoriented because their information is not in front of you?

How about being caught off guard and agreeing to something with a tenant that you normally would not have agreed to if you knew the tenant's situation before talking to them?

Have you ever needed to make phone calls to your tenants and not have their information available to you? Well, that's happened to me lots of times - especially when I check messages when I'm out of the office. I've also been interupted during holiday meals and in the middle of the night by complaining tenants. Well, none of the above happens to me anymore because of 2 simple reasons:

  • I have learned NEVER to give my home phone number to a tenant, and
  • I keep my handy Quick Glance Tenant Chart in my briefcase, so it's with me at all times.

    Now, I'm prepared to deal with tenants at all times. Whether you are home or at work, it's best to be familiar with the tenant's basic information. If I return a call to a tenant, their whole situation is on the spreadsheet before me. If I have to warn the tenant about a late fee or just look up his or her work phone number, there is no fumbling around trying to remember the deal with each tenant.

    It also helps me keep track of when to send out lease renewals on each property.

    This downloadable spreadsheet can easily be customized to include any information you deem important and can be used for as few or as many properties as you require. *The Quick Glance Tenant Chart should be printed on legal size paper on the landscape setting. .

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