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Magic Bullets in Real Estate
"Magic Bullets in Real Estate". by Dan Auito
What! You haven't read Magic Bullets In Real Estate yet?
How to get into the real estate game with minimal investment, January 7, 2005 Reviewer:Midwest Book Review (Oregon, WI USA)
With the volatility of the stock and bond markets in the last few years, and in view of continuing market instability due to a variety of factors ranging from federal deficit spending to the war on terrorism, real estate has become an even more attractive financial investment and/or business enterprise. Magic Bullets In Real Estate: Your Complete Guide To Understanding And Using Real Estate To Your Best Advantage by Dan Auito (a licensed real estate investor and certified appraisal assistant for the past fifteen years) will prove to be an ideal and instructive introduction to how an average person can build wealth and financial security through investing in real estate. Ably written so as to be completely accessible to non-professional general readers, Magic Bullets In Real Estate shows how to get into the real estate game with minimal investment and see immediate results; evaluating property quickly and choose only the best values; how to buy, sell, and lease properties with no real estate commissions or management fees; how to locate hassle-free tenants; how to find and rehabilitate rundown homes in a matter of days; avoiding common traps and pitfalls; preparing for and winning loan approvals; gaining access to large sums of tax-free cash for continued growth; using real estate to retire in style, and so much more. If you want to take a flyer in the real estate market, then give a very careful reading to Dan Auito's Magic Bullets In Real Estate.

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Magic Bullets

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