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Providing Credit Reports to Landlords Across The USA & Canada
landlord credit reports and tenant screening with Experian, TransUnion, Equifax credit bureaus

Quick Check Credit Reports
Quick Check Credit Reports
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Fast Online Tenant Screening - Credit Reports are Fast and Online. No signup fees!

Quick Check Credit Reports, Inc.
aTenantScreen offers Credit Reports in Canada
TransUnion SmartMove

Quick Check Credit Reports, Inc.

Online Tenant Screening Credit Reports and Reporting Quick Check Credit Reports is our complete tenant screening solution that specializes in instant credit, criminal and eviction reports. 24/7 Instant online access to reports makes tenant screening with Quick Check the easiest, most cost effective way to make smart screening decisions.

Making the right choices means reducing turn-over costs,avoiding costly litigation, enhanced productivity, safer working and living conditions and ultimately maximized profits.

Quick Check is serious about saving you money! Other than low report prices, we require NO sign-up or membership fees.

Special discounts apply for members of The Landlord Protection Agency!
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Tenant Screening landlord credit reports

"The best way to avoid tenant problems is to avoid problem tenants."
The Landlord Protection Agency, Inc.

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TVS Tenant Verification ServiceCanada tenant screening

This service also offers tenant screening in Canada.

TVS is also an affiliate of the Landlord Protection Agency in compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act and State Landlord Tenant Laws.


TVS is a separate account from LPA Membership

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TransUnion SmartMove

An applicant assisted alternative.
Prospects verify identity online without exposing sensitive data like their social security # to landlord, unless required by The LPA Rental Application.

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