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Rent Paid On Time Addendum

Special Rent Addendum for Emphasis

Rent Paid On Time The Rent Paid On-Time Addendum is an effective tool for landlords who feel the need to emphasize the importance of rent being paid on schedule. Although the LPA Lease already contains the key ingredients of this addendum, many landlords feel that having the new tenant sign a special addendum to the contract in addition to the lease will help drive home the point.

This form contains a potent cocktail of ingredients:

  • A detailed rent policy clause
  • a complete late fee and bounced check agreement
  • an optional early payment discount.
  • Disclosure and acknowledgement for Credit Bureau Reporting

    Because the prompt payment of rent is a top priority in most lease rental agreements, additional emphasis with the Rent Paid On-Time Addendum with the tenants signatures can only help keep the rent as a top priority in the tenants mind.

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