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The 90 Second Lawyer Guide to Buying Real Estate, By Robert Irwin

The 90 Second Lawyer Guide to Buying Real EstateThe 90 Second Lawyer Guide to Buying Real Estate, By Robert Irwin

In this easy-to-use guide, real estate broker Robert Irwin and attorney David L. Ganz provide straightforward answers to commonly asked legal questions about real estate. The 90 Second LawyerTM Guide to Buying Real Estate covers a myriad of details for the legal, financial, and lucrative aspects of buying property. From purchasing and selling to securing a new mortgage and gaining possession, you'll find expert help and invaluable tips to aid you in making informed decisions. With clear explanations of relevant laws, possible penalties, and proper procedures, this invaluable "self-help" guide has the information you need to understand your rights, avoid loopholes, and complete successful transactions. It also includes helpful, easy-to-use legal documents.

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