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Credit Bureau Reporting & Rent Recovery

Collect from Your Ex-Tenants
and Report Them to All 3 Credit Bureaus

Rent Recovery Service: is available on both a flat fee and contingency fee basis. Both services boast an aggressive approach to resolving delinquent rent collection problems for property managers nationwide. We help Landlords collect unpaid rent with our exclusive electronic surveillance software that can track the financial status of any debtor, every day, anywhere in the country. No other company pursues delinquent tenants as aggressively.

FREE Credit Bureau Reporting

All files will be reported to the three major national credit bureaus: Experian, TransUnion and Equifax. Additionally, your debtors will automatically be reported to Delinquent Tenant Cooperative at no additional cost.

Contingency Fee Agreement

Contingency based collection means that payment for our work is contingent upon our success. If we are unsuccessful in our attempts to collect, it costs you nothing. If we successfully collect the debt, or any portion of it, our fee is based on a share of what is collected.

Flat Fee Registration

Flat fee based collection is unique to Rent Recovery Service. No other collection agency specializing in delinquent rent collection offers this flat fee opportunity. There is no commission or contingency fee with our flat fee process.
Rent Recovery

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