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The 4 Most Important Rental Forms

The LPA Newsletter October 8, 2013

Dear Fellow Landlord,

I hope you enjoy our latest newsletter article, "The 4 Most Important Rental Forms", along with our other stuff including our crazy "Landlord Fun Facts"!

"The best way to avoid tenant problems is to avoid problem tenants!"

In this newsletter:

  • The 4 Most Important Rental Forms
  • FREE Form Download: Notice of Intention to Vacate
  • Ask the Attorney, Real Estate Attorney, John Reno
  • Landlord FUN Facts

Please e-mail us if you have any questions or would like to add or share any material / information. Have a great month and an even more successful year ahead.
John Nuzzolese


The 4 Most Important Rental Forms

As landlords and property managers, we all have an opinion of what our favorite rental forms are.

  • Many believe a quality Lease Rental Agreement is the most important because it is the legal binding contract that lays down the law of the agreement for which the landlord and tenant will adhere.

    Rental Application of The Landlord Protection Agency

  • Another opinion is that a rental application with all the right ingredients is the most important rental form because without a proper tenant screening, a landlord will be in big trouble! Of course, we all know that if you rent to a bad tenant, no lease agreement in the world, no matter how wonderful it is, will give you a pleasant tenancy - NOT with a BAD tenant!

  • Assuming you screen your tenant applicants properly and have a good instinct for selecting good ones, what do you think the 3rd most important rental form should be?
    In my opinion, it is a form I created a few years ago, which has really made a positive impact on how my tenants pay their rent. It has actually prioritized their rent in their minds to be just as important as their credit card payments! Yes, it is the Credit Reporting Disclosure Notice to tenant. Before signing the lease agreement, we explain that "we report tenant payment performance" to the credit bureau, it makes a difference....

    Read the full article


    Landlord Tip with FREE Form Download

    Always supply a pre-written Tenant's Notice to VacateTenant's Notice of Intention to Vacate
    to Essential landlord rental formsThis form is used by the tenant give proper written notice to the landlord when the tenant is vacating and states that the tenant will cooperate with showing the property for re-rental or sale. It includes a place for the tenant to give his forwarding address in order to receive any security refund. It is an excellent way to help reinforce proper move-out procedure. We always staple a copy of this notice to the back of the tenant's lease to be used when the time comes for the tenant to give notice to vacate.


    Ask the Attorney

    The Landlord Protection AgencyThe Landlord Protection Agency® presents John Reno, Esq., a highly experienced Landlord - Tenant attorney based on Long Island, NY.

    John Reno also does Mortgage Loan Modifications (Nationwide).
    (Mention The LPA for a 10% discount!)

    Dear Mr. Reno:
    As forms of rental remittance we accept through our p.o. box or directly depositing into our bank account no later than the 3rd of each month.

    I have a tenant who insists on depositing into the bank night deposit, which is not a form of remittance that we want to accept. The bank has lost the deposit and we have had to track it down, and the tenant also says it was deposited on the 3rd, therefore, not late, when the bank does not do the deposit until the 4th (which now IS late). Can I legally tell the tenant that we do not accept that form of payment? It also poses another issue, that when tenant does this, he sometimes does it late (well after 6pm close of bank), so we now have to drive half hour to his house, post a 3-day notice, and then a hour or so later the night deposit is made. It's frustrating and time consuming... what legal rights do we have?
    Thanks so much for your assistance.
    Dave, FL

    A: You created this monster. Now you're stuck with it- unless you kill it yourself. CLOSE THE ACCOUNT! Then its over. Otherwise this will keep happening.

    Note: Your lease agreement should spell out exactly how and where your rent is to be paid. You may want to add a Lease Update - Change of Terms as an addendum to your agreement - and consider The LPA Lease next time!

    If you have a landlord tenant problem you'd like to ask a question about, please feel free to e-mail me your question.
    Submit a landlord / tenant question for Mr. Reno
    Please try to keep your questions as short and to the point as possible.

    Read more from John Reno, Eviction Attorney


    Tenant Credit Reporting
    (LPA Membership FREE BONUS Feature)

    Tenant Reporting

    Have you ever been beaten by a tenant on the rent?
    Most of us have and unfortunately, it is one of the costs of doing business as a landlord.
    On the bright side, remedies are available. If you have documented your tenancy with the proper paperwork including a rental application, lease agreement, late notices, etc., you may have a chance of collecting.

    Credit bureau reporting is an option in which many modern landlords are beginning to participate....

    Click here for the full article


    The LPA Landlord Fun Facts

    Some of the following may be true, but we all need a little humor once in a while! Let us know if you like 'em or hate 'em!

  • LPA Landlords eat Deadbeat Tenants for breakfast.

  • LPA landlords don't rent to bad tenants. Because they use the LPA Rental Application.

  • Some tenants think they can do whatever they want. Not in an LPA member's place.

  • When tenants don't pay the rent, LPA Landlords smile... and evict those deadbeats before you can say Jack Robinson.

  • When tenants are evicted by an LPA member, they'll make sure they never rent from an LPA Member again.

  • When a deadbeat tenant sees an LPA Member Decal in a real Estate office window, he wets his pants in fear.

  • LPA Landlords enjoy a quick little eviction once in a while.

  • When tenant's attorneys face the LPA Lease in court, they wish they stayed home in bed that day.

  • The LPA loves tenants... as long as they're good.

  • LPA landlords don't return full security deposits... unless there's a good reason to. Like the rental was returned clean and undamaged.

  • When little Billy, the tenant's son scribbles all over the walls of an LPA Member's rental, his parents will pay all costs to make that wall like new again. Or wish they had.

  • LPA members don't love late fees, but they'll take them when the rent is late.

  • LPA landlords don't deal with bad tenants. They just evict them. Quickly.

  • The LPA is the reason many deadbeats are now homeless.

  • LPA landlords don't let tenants sign the lease. Not unless every clause is understood and agreed to.

  • If a landlord gets stuck with a bad tenant, he could be on the hook for months or years. If an LPA landlord discovers his tenant went bad, he'll chew him up and spit him out with a big fat judgment on his ass.

  • The legal system is very tenant friendly. The LPA system is friendly to good tenants and is a bad tenant's WORST NIGHTMARE.


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    Quick Check Credit Reports, Inc.

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