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The LPA Rental Application

Free Rental Application for LPA Members

"It is far better to have no tenant than to have a bad tenant."

The LPA RENTAL APPLICATION has after years of research and improvement, developed into a great collection of the best and most effective screening ideas .

I feel very strongly about strict tenant Essential landlord rental forms with lease rental agreement, rental application, eviction notice, lease form, apartment lease, pay rent or quit, notice to terminate tenancy

  • The LPA Rental Application gets straight to the point
  • A very effective rental application
  • Isn't unnecessarily long or intimidating
  • A collection of the best ideas that we have found necessary to assemble into what we believe is one of the BEST RENTAL APPLICATIONS around!

The LPA Rental Application has eliminated many tenant problems by helping us to do a better job screening the applicant. Qualified tenants are more than happy to fill out the form and show you how wonderful they are. Find out as much pertinent information on your rental applicants as you can before entering into any lease or rental agreement.

Some of the items contained in this rental application are:

  • Authorization to obtain a copy of tenant's credit report(s) and verify any information given. We need this because it is illegal to pull a credit report without the tenant's written authorization according to the FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act).

  • Deposit Not Refundable, unless applicant is rejected. Deposit receipt and rental offer form is included in this rental application. (Applicants may not get their deposit back if they decide to change their mind.)

  • * Includes Non-refundable screening fee agreement. The prospective tenant pays a screening fee when the rental application is submitted to you. This fee covers you for the cost of checking references and running credit reports! See Screening Fee chart below to know your rental application fee limits.

    * screening fee limits FREE State Rental Application and Screening Fee Limits Chart (Maximum Application Fee a Landlord may ask for) (UPDATED AUGUST 2022)

    Important background information on tenants including:
      Rental Application of The Landlord Protection Agency
    • maiden names, alias',
    • Date of birth,
    • social security numbers,
    • driver license numbers,
    • previous addresses,
    • previous landlords and their phone #s,
    • previous rent amounts,
    • pets,
    • smoking,
    • vehicles and license plate #s,
    • intended residents,
    • military status
    • criminal history
    • income and financial references
      • employment
      • income
      • bank accounts
      • credit
    • perjury and fraud warning

    (Always take a copy of the the tenant's drivers license or other legal form of I.D. so you can verify the person you are screening is really the person whose references you are checking.)

  • Financial and Employment verification section. Get the right questions answered before negotiating on the rent.

  • Verify bank accounts. Credit balances and outstanding loans.

  • This Real Estate Broker friendly form has an instruction checklist for rental agents and an optional space to enter rental commission.

  • The rental application was designed to fit on one legal sized page. It is formatted to store in your word processing program and allows you to make changes as you see fit. Feel free to add any good ideas to improve the rental application.

  • Get your LPA Rental Application FREE along with all our Essential Forms included in an LPA Membership.

    Remember: "95% of tenant problems can be eliminated in the screening process!"

    I'm sure you'll be pleased with the LPA Rental Application and the results it will help you achieve. - John Nuzzolese

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