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Landlord Testimonials and Feedback

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What Landlords are saying about The LPA

I'd like to thank the landlords below for their support, kind words and contributions to our site which are a help to all of us in the business of managing tenants.

If you'd like to submit your testimonial comments about the The Landlord Protection Agency, we'd appreciate hearing from you.
We welcome video testimonials too!
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Dr Dani Babb

  • "Of all the sites out there, the LPA by FAR has the most extensive resources, the most knowledgeable help, the most expertise, and is quite possibly the best real estate site I've used in my career."
    Dr. Dani Babb, LPA member since 2007.- FOX Business News, CNN, CNBC, Author of "The Accidental Landlord", "Finding Foreclosures!", "Commissions at Risk!", "Real Estate v2.0", "Make Money Teaching Online", AND "The Accidental Landlord".


  • "Great service for first time landlords. The LPA really helps you get up to speed on the rules and requirements of being a new landlord based on your individual state. I could not have made it without the LPA service during my landlord days. The forms and video's were of great help and saved me lots of time and effort. The blogs between other landlords answered questions I had no idea to even ask prior to my involvement with the LPA. Again I cannot say enough about their forms and legal (non binding) assistance and support services. The also take a personal interest in you as a new landlord when you encounter a dishonest tenant. Try it once and you will get hooked ... I did!"
    - Audrey Talley-Rush, Stonegate Rental Property, LPA Member


    "If you are a landlord of any type of housing rental, you owe it to yourself to check out the LPA. They truly offer a wealth of value for no or minimal charge - forms, tips, helpful news updates, links to key resources, etc. In this day and age of shallow blogs, phishing sites, and mind numbing legalese, I find the LPA to be totally refreshing in its usefulness, candor, and affordability. I have been a member for years and continue to find value, even though we only have one rental." - Laura R.


  • "Landlords need a place to find resources, services and answers to questions. Are You Sure You Want To Be A Landlord?

    The Landlord Protection Agency provides a wealth of information and resources. The site has free rental forms, tips, advice, tenant screening, legal resources, information from other landlords and lots more. If landlords would go to sites like this, they would encounter fewer problems with their tenants.

    Inexperienced and experienced landlords can get answers, gain knowledge and share concerns. I especially like the Free Landlord Service Page that offers eviction photos and a landlord test. I took the landlord test and thankfully passed it. As an experienced landlord and author of a landlord book, I find the site to be extremely helpful and would highly recommend it."
    - Cathy Keeton Azar, Author of, "Are You Sure You Want To Be A Landlord?"


  • John -
    Thanks for the great service. With the services you have available and with the use of the forms on your web site, I was able to screen and find much higher quality tenants. Credit checks and background checks scare the bad tenants away, and somehow seem to attract the good ones (perhaps it's their confidence in knowing they'll get passed a screening....). The lease forms you have available are much more thorough than the standard lease forms available through the local legal supply.

    Again, thanks. The small membership fee I paid has just earned itself back many times over.

    Ken Fetterhoff, Vail, Arizona


    I took the eight required courses to become a real estate broker in California several years ago. I forget lot of that. The LPA membership helps to keep you informed on age-old tenant problems along with new scams and laws. The input from experienced landlords and property managers in the Forum is a great method of learning the tricks that go on. The LPA has me better prepared for managing rentals than just school alone.
    Brendan Drury, CA Broker #01816379 (LPA Member since 2005)


  • John,
    Just wanted to drop a note to say, I joined your agency a few months ago and I am very PLEASED...
    Although I have been a landlord for 27 years and did belong to a Landlord agency in New York, I find you offer so much more.....

    Also I had to call John Reno The Lawyer on your site after dealing with Landlord Tenant Lawyers and most of the time handling evictions myself, I found Mr. Reno and his office staff VERY KNOWLEDGEABLE and extremely nice. Hopefully I will not need his services, BUT IF I DO I WILL DEFINETELY USE HIM AS MY LAWYER..

    Thank-You for having such a great agency and helping Landlords....
    Joan Martin, Wantagh, New York - LPA Member since July 2008

    P.S. You can print this also: that I highly recommend Landlords use your Lease and other Forms............................


  • Hi John,
    Hope you had a great July 4th! I sent you a reply message informing you about the outcome of my court case. I WON EVERY PENNY AND THEY PAID UP ALREADY!

    Thank You so much for your advice and LPA. I think my membership renewal is coming up and this by far has been the best investment since 2006.

    Thanks to you and theLPA my lease and paperwork made me the most prepared LL that my attorney ever represented. I also believe the judge was shocked at how well prepared my paperwork was. My attorney also stated this and said that more LL's need to be as prepared as I was and it made his job much easier than what he has experienced in the past. He stated that this was the best LL representation he has ever experienced because I was fully prepared. He also stated that he would be happy to serve me if I needed help in the future.
    I told him I belonged the the Landlord Protection Agency...known as theLPA! The only LL group that I ever joined up with after surfing the internet for weeks in 2006. Lisa Mazza, LPA Member since 2006.


  • I came across while looking for a way to report deadbeat tenants to the credit reporting agencies. Not only did I find what I was looking for, but also a TON more information. This site is absolute gold! I want to thank you for providing such an awesome resource to landlords and property managers. - Andrew Schultz


  • "Thank God for the Landlord Protection Agency...
    How can any landlord not perceive and appreciate this wonderful concept on protecting landlords from tenants who are versed in the art of using the system to obtain free rent. As a landlord you are prey to every single deadbeat to ever rent a property. My tenants have come to fear the leases and other helpful forms provided to me by The Landlord Protection Agency and have come to realize that I mean business. My previous tenants will come to know what I felt like when they stiffed me for many months of rent in arrears prior to their moving out. I am very grateful for this program that you folks have put together. Keep up the good work!!!!!!" - Walter W. Bell , LPA Member.


  • Don't ever stop learning because if you do you have closed your mind to new ideas and new opportunities. The LPA not only lets you share your experience with other landlords, but it will also help to answer your questions. Being a member of an investor's organization and connecting with other real estate investors will improve your knowledge and skills. Having this type of support will prove to be invaluable to your future success.
    - Timothy Spangler, Author of real estate bestseller, From the Rat Race to Real Estate, LPA Member since December 2003


  • Dear the LPA representative:
    Thanks for offering such a useful collection of information to serve the rental community. My husband and I recently published "A Fool's Guide to Landlording" (AuthorHouse Publishers) and listed your site as a recommended source for further information. Here is what we said.
    1. The Landlord Protection Agency (
    This Web site is best utilized if you become a member, which costs $70. Members get to enjoy many services, including:
    a) Deadbeat database
    b) Downloadable forms
    c) Credit report
    d) Available property lists
    e) Questions and Answers
    f) Much more….

    However, there are many free services available to you on this Web site, even if you are not a member. We’d suggest you try some of the free services, which will help you decide if it is worth your becoming a member.
    The Web site was founded by John Nuzzolese, and he is a “nice guy” like we were when we started. He learned many lessons the hard way, like we did, and so you will benefit greatly from his experiences, and from being part of this group.
    Kind regards,
    Sandy Midea, Author of "A Fool's Guide to Landlording" by Tony and Sandy Midea


  • "My LPA Membership has saved me from so many expensive tenant problems, it has already paid for itself many times over." - Louis C., LPA Member since February 2001.


  • "We highly recommend The LPA website to landlords as an aid for more efficient property management." - John Reno, Attorney At Law, specializing in Landlord Tenant Law and Evictions


  • "The LPA Lease has become my favorite lease, and enforcing it with the Essential Forms is even better. Managing my properties (tenants) has become much easier." - Jack Klein, LPA Member since May 2001.


  • "Tenant problems caused me to stop buying rental properties. The LPA program has made it easier than ever to run my rentals instead of them running me. If I only had The LPA 10 years ago, I could own 100 houses by now." -Steve Swenson, LPA Member since November 2000.


  • "Thank you LPA. My wife and I were at our wit's end when we found you. Our tenants had taken over our lives! The education you've shared with us has given us the confidence to take back control of our 4 rent houses. We now have three of them rented with your lease to excellent tenants. Just one more to go. What you've done for us is priceless." - Scott H., LPA Member since May 2002.

  • "My lease is the basic outlined LPA Lease. I had it reviewed by two separate attorneys. One was my law teacher at Canisius College in Buffalo, NY. He felt that it was a strong lease and helped me to protect myself in other ways that some people don't think about." - Phillip Hauenstein, LPA Member since November 2005.


  • "What is the Landlord Protection Agency? It is a place where you can find the resources you need in dealing with tenants and knowing how to protect yourself in a time of need." - Gerald Harris


  • "I am a fairly new property manager and have found your site a wealth of information. Thank you again."
    Liz, Tallahassee, FL, LPA Member since March 2006


  • Your organization is just fantastic. I just started managing properties for some of my clients and plan on purchasing some of my own rentals soon. We do a lot of foreclosure pre-foreclosure work and often rent back to the distressed property owner under a lease to own program. The benefits of reporting our tenants to the big 3 would help them rebuild credit, give that extra incentive for the tenants to pay on time

    Your company is the best of the best. Congratulations on a job well done. :)
    Thanks again,
    Billy Ray, Managing Member
    The Phoenix Group-LLC


  • Thanks and I must say I am very excited about this web site. I think it will provide a blanket of knowledge that I currently do not have in many areas. It's good to be part of the club!!
    Have a good one
    Ron M., Pensacola, FL

  • Dear LPA:
    Thank you for your monthly newsletters, although I have found that I have not much time to actually read them past the very first months.

    I am a smalltime landlord with 3 apts in one building. I can say the biggest help was all your legal documents which I have personalized and changed with each tenants' passing. You have taken the legality myth out of landlording. (also I have been able to keep a personal touch but yet with professionalism, I call the particularly specific clauses of the lease "my a--hole clauses". I say "These clauses are in here if you dont act as understood. Keep the place up and pay the rent on time. That's all I ask. The rest are clauses that are at my option to invoke." Most have gotten the message. I affectionately refer to these "asshole clauses" because they have kept my and my tenants out of trouble..)

    For a "throw of the dice" internet signup, I have been more than pleased with the value of your service through the years.
    I would freely recommend your service to any new perspective landlord.
    I thank you and you may use me as a reference to any client who may have doubts in the value of your service.
    Mark Kaidy


  • Just want to thank you for your newsletter. I've been a landlord since I was 24 years old and I wish your newsletter had been available since then. Being a person of compassion, it's been difficult for me to make many decisions and I have often felt victimized as a landlord.
    Pola Muzyka, MTD

  • "The question should be ..."
    "Can you afford not to join The Landlord Protection Agency?
    I'm very thankful for all The LPA has done for us. At first we were intimidated by our tenants and the whole process of leasing and managing our rental property. Now we have 3 rentals with excellent tenants!" - Carol and Jim S., LPA Members since July 2003

  • I cannot express how your products have made my job so much easier. I have peace of mind now knowing that I am protected by the verbiage you have in your contracts. Thank you so much.
    Tony Gramm, Aurora, OH

  • Thank you for the heads up on the membership lapse. Fortunately, we no longer have the house and being a landlord is a thing of the past.

    The forms, tips, and advice allowed us to pick a fantastic renter, who became an owner :o)

    One day we drove by our rental, and saw the renter outside, in the sun... mowing the huge lawn. (at leas a 1/4 acres worth). I thought to myself, "What renter does that?"... then I thought again how careful we were when we screened all the couples.... It was a definite "Thank LPA" moment.

    Best wishes to you and your business. If we ever decide to become landlords again, we'll be sure to re-register.
    Karen Y., Boulder Creek, CA


  • Thanks! Your website is just wonderful and so appreciated by landlords like me who really aren't cut out to be one! (I inherited my father's house and couldn't sell it). God Bless.
    Starlett McCarthy, OH

  • Thank You LPA,
    We were involved with a tenant that was a First Class Swindler that had an attorney that was an out and out Crook that was ripping us off like you wouldn't believe. I was about to jump off a bridge and my " Landlord husband " was on the verge of doing much worse. My girlfriend who is married to a Real Estate Broker told him and he told me to call the
    My husband called and long story short end result is that tenant is history with a $7,000.00 judgment recorded against him and his wife (which we will probably never see) and his attorney is now on the verge of being disbarred. Again, Thank You LPA.
    Mary Castle

    Hi John, Thanks again for the LPA. You and the folks here continue to provide a phenomenal service to landlords everywhere. I don't know where I'd be without your advice and forms.
    I was wondering if it was possible to access old newsletters. I guess I thought they would always be available, otherwise I would have saved them to disk. But I can't find them and I am looking for past inspirational quotes. They're such a great and important part of the newsletter!
    Thanks again,
    Rebecca Broadaway, Saratoga Springs, NY


  • Hi John,
    Thanks! I'm so glad you've created the LPA!
    I just used the LPA Lease for the first time! (- I slept well that night for the first time in a long time.)

    I still have to take care of problems with horrible tenants who came with properties (I'd never take them as my tenants!), but I'm glad you have such effective forms already. I used to spend so much time trying to create effective letters and notices. Now when I want to give some notice, I'll just use LPA forms.

    Thanks again.
    A happy member,
    Ats D Shintani


  • I just wanted to let you know that your site helped me through some of my most difficult years as a Landlord! I was so happy to see all of the excellent resources you have available for people like me (1st time Landlords, getting in over their head). I utilized the forms quite a bit and found the newsletter helpful (and humorous to know others were out there just like me – hearing the SAME excuses over and over). I have just unsubscribed to the newsletter today, only because I was able to finally SELL MY APARTMENT BUILDING. <-- Amen to that!
    Anyway, just wanted to let you know I loved the site & will definitely continue to pass it on to anyone interested in becoming a landlord.
    Dusty Osgood, Wapella, IL

  • I found the LPA website and the newsletter to be very informative and I have recommended both to many people.
    Thanks again!
    Kathi E.

  • Dear Mr. Nuzzolese,
    This is exactly the addendum that I've been looking for ........ covers my owner-occupied duplex, as well as my other rental! I could not have found a better document ANYWHERE, and have been trying to find one, or create my own, for a while now (ever since we had renters with kids). Thanks again for ALL the valuable services and info you provide! You help take a lot of the headaches out of the Landlord game, by helping us to be prepared.
    Many Thanks,
    Susan B. Stockman, NY

  • Dear Marie,
    Thank you for your quick response. You are a life saver; I’m meeting with new tenants tomorrow and needed your invaluable forms.

  • Thank you so very much for your service & preserving the integrity of your business.
    It is truly admirable how well you represent your company, keep up the good work.
    Sincerely, Teresa Stein

  • Yours is the ONLY newsletter which I really do read each and every time I get it. (I get many.)
    Any landlord who is NOT a member of humble John’s LPA is paying in ways he will never realize. The term GROSS NEGLIGENCE comes to mind!
    I have been a landlord in Germany where tenant’s rights are worse than in Santa Monica CA or NYC. I also know that foresight is better than hindsight and that lawyers are usually only useful to clean up the mess the Landlord often created himself through negligence.
    My trailer park is still a mess, but we are improving and have better enforcement. My duplex in Nashville started off right thanks to you.
    Sign me up for another two years. Just the deadbeat database and the threat of the ability to report to credit agencies is worth the membership fee.

    Gene Kamarasy, LPA Member since August 2008 Brentwood, TN


  • You guys are awesome...I truly appreciate your excellent responses and fast replies. Your site is great! Your business model is very cool and I will apply what I am learning from you, in my industry. I will be fine. I will use my membership well. John had first mentioned that you guys were always seeking ways of improving your business. This is a lesson in itself, in that I too will begin to apply a higher standard moving forward. You have exceeded my expectation in customer service.
    Alan S. Permut, Santa Maria, CA, LPA Member since July 2009

  • Thanks for a great website and forms, it helps us out quite a bit and gives us so much information that we need as Landlords.
    Thank you,
    Susan Whaley, FL, LPA Member since July 2008

  • Thank you for all your wonderful help, forms, Q&A, etc. without which, many of us would be lost out here in the wild wild world of landlording. These days it is no fun. Too many sub-standard folks out there.
    John, you are a gem!
    June Hanna, FL, LPA Member since June 2010

  • Wonderful! I appreciate all of your help and the LPA. I have been a realtor for 7 years and a landlord for 6 and I learn something new everyday.
    Crystal Pirkl, LPA Member since June 2010

  • I joined LPA years ago and have learned a lot about being a landlord, I learned to screen tenants,then screen them again, then double check everything. the best way to have a good tenant is to only let good tenants move in. It has saved me a lot of money and a lot of worries. Good tenants are gold,Bad tenants are nightmares.
    Billy Porter Truck Driver, Landlord, LPA Member since 2013

  • Your forms and advice have been invaluable. I am a single parent , with a full time job and now have acquired my fourth rental property in just 15 years! I could not do it with out your company's forms.

    I had my first eviction about two years ago . The judge was laughing when the tenant showed up with an attorney and she threw the book at him , she especially liked the part 2 clause reading "added rent." It was not a fun experience but somehow your lease made it a positive experience.
    Debbie Manzo, LPA Member 2008 - 2017


  • Thank you for having that great website .It is the best Source of Information and refuge to all Landlords in need of guidance.
    Thank you for being there when we need you.
    I am very satisfied for all your service you do the whole years.
    Sincerely yours,
    L. Altagracia, LPA Member since 2013

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