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Many of the headaches you suffer as a landlord can be eliminated with the simple but valuable services of The Landlord Protection Agency® .

  • The Deadbeat Database. - As a landlord or R.E. professional, you have unlimited access and can make as many reports as you wish.(Also Known As: National Tenant Rating Bureau or NTRB)

  • Report Delinquencies to Major Credit Bureaus - Trans Union, Experian (TRW) & Equifax. You don't need a judgement!

  • Essential Forms - One of the most complete and efficient sets of landlord forms assembled for maximum landlord protection. All LPA landlord forms are designed to interact with The LPA Lease. Each form is thoroughly explained and easy to use. Just click on the form's title on the Essential Forms page to find out all about that form. Included free with your LPA Membership, or can be purchased separately.

  • The LPA Free Forms are downloadable from the Free Forms section of our site. They are also available on disk in MS Word or Word Perfect for LPA Members.

  • You get a full service and secure Property Management Software Program able to accomodate from 1 to hundreds of your own private rental properties. The LPA Manager property management software program, is FREE for LPA Members (Beta version now operational)

  • Landlord's Corner - For Rent Ads- List your available rentals. Members have unlimited access and advertise free. Your ads are also seen on the National Tenant Register website, where tenants go.

  • The National Real Estate Broker Directory - Real Estate professionals can let Landlords and Sellers know they adhere to a higher standard of ethics, have quality rental agreement forms and know how to protect the interest of their clients as members of The Landlord Protection Agency.

  • Landlord Q&A/Tips Forum - Ask questions and get answers from our experts and other landlords.

  • The Professionals Directory - Landlord related products and services... Look up contractors and professionals with services you may need. Members advertise free.

  • Attorney Directory - Real EState Attorneys knowledgeable in Landlord/Tenant matters ...

  • Credit Reports - Effective tenant screening at it's best. Low-cost credit reports with our official Credit Bureaus. Have the power to fully screen your applicants.

Keep reading to find out more about each of these unique services. What the Deadbeat Database can do for you...

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