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The Art of managing rental property so that it is profitable, enjoyable and safe for the owner is what The Landlord Protection Agency® is about.

I've been involved with residential rentals as a real estate broker and landlord since 1979. I've found the best lessons are usually painful ones. If you can learn from the painful memories of someone else, you can save a lot of time, money and heartache. The mission of The Landlord Protection Agency® is to help fellow landlords protect themselves from the dangers we face every day in the jungle of managing rental properties.

Since The Landlord Protection Agency® website went live online in the year 2000, it has helped many thousands of landlords overcome multitudes of tenant problems while enabling them to perform more easily and efficiently in management of their rental property and dealing with Tenants.

It is the goal of The Landlord Protection Agency® to uphold a philosophy and code of ethics among landlords, real estate brokers and rental agents in dealing with Tenants. The LPA caters to landlords in all of the United States, Canada and many other English-speaking countries.

Since tenants are needed to enable our properties to produce cash flow, quality tenants are the essence of our business. The better the tenant, the better our investment in the property.

The Landlord Protection Agency® concept has been a growing and burning passion of mine since 1991. That's when I finally realized the need for landlord education on tenant matters. I needed it myself. New ideas, creating and refining forms and systems over the years took a lot of trial and error learning to make it easier for the working landlord.

This need inspired me to create the LPA Lease. This lease in itself is probably the single most experience-concentrated landlord form there is for residential rental properties. All our other Essential Forms are designed to interact with and compliment our different versions the LPA Lease. Together, they are an easy to use property management system that thousands of landlords are now finding extremely helpful.

As a landlord, I've had my share of bad tenant experiences. Each one of them was really an opportunity to learn a new lesson and update my lease. I'm fortunate to have gained many experiences as a landlord since I got into this business in 1979. From rentals of my own, to properties I have been managing, I've come to enjoy the job of being a landlord.

Although I've always been heavily into residential properties, and some might consider me a successful landlord, I've lost properties because I was not prepared to deal with tenants who had more knowledge than I did about the rental game. A lot of heartache and pain could have been avoided if I had someone to turn to when I was so inexperienced. You don't have to go through the same trial and error learning that I did to become a successful landlord. I'm hoping you will benefit from the experiences and lessons I will share with you so you can bypass and avoid the painful defeats. Instead, enjoy filling your life with successful endeavors.

If you're a "Mister nice guy" like I am, the tenants will love you. They'll eat you alive if you let them. I've come a long way and have been burned many times. We all want to believe in our fellow man and give him the benefit of the doubt, but, after being burned repeatedly, one's outlook is bound to change. Some of those experiences helped me to discover what I call The 6 Biggest Landlord Traps!

Some of us have found it necessary to consider the tenant "GUILTY, UNTIL PROVEN INNOCENT." We ask ourselves, "What steps can I take to protect myself in the future?" Some of us will learn by trial and error. Some never learn and keep repeating the same nightmare experiences over and over. And, of course, some of us will try to be prepared as best as possible and learn from what we share on this website, Other People's Experiences (OPE) and achieve financial freedom and success in real estate.

We will offer you a wealth of OPE. Be sure to visit Landlord's Q&A Forum, Landlord Articles and Landlord Tips and maybe even get a laugh once in a while with the tenant's Excuse of the Day!

Go ahead! Copy or print the forms offered here. Set up your word processor with our management software! You'll enjoy it. (You have access to our free landlord forms immediately, but don't purchase any forms if you are joining The LPA anyway, because all our landlord forms are included free with your membership)

How much money and time did your last tenant problem cost you?
I expect your LPA Membership and arsenal of Essential Landlord Forms to save you from countless pitfalls and expenses in the coming years!

We send each new member of The LPA a MEMBERSHIP CERTIFICATE and WINDOW DECAL upon joining. If you join for 2 or more years, we also send you a free CD Rom of landlord forms which includes all of the Free Landlord Forms and our Essential Forms in MS Word.

Whether you decide to become a Certified Landlord Protection Agency Member, or just take advantage of the free information and forms on this web site, I'm sure that you will find it an excellent landlord support system with benefits that will improve your job as a landlord, real estate agent, or rental property manager. Good Luck!

John Nuzzolese,
The Landlord Protection Agency, Inc.

Feel Free to E-Mail comments or suggestions to info@theLPA.com

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