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Tenant Screening with TransUnion SmartMove

TransUnion Credit Bureau has partnered with The Landlord Protection Agency to provide an alternative option in on-line tenant screening. Private landlords who choose to avoid the qualifying process required for establishing a direct access account for tenant credit reports now have another way.

How does SmartMove work for Landlords and Tenants?
SmartMove is used when someone is interested in applying to rent a property. In order to begin the process, the potential renter MUST provide an email address to the landlord. Once the email address has been provided, the process generally goes as follows:

  • Landlord initiates a screening request using the email address provided by the applicant. (If the landlord is new to SmartMove, he or she must create an account and add at least 1 property.)
  • Rental applicant is sent the application request via email and chooses to accept or decline the screening. (If the applicant is new to SmartMove, he or she must create an account in order to accept or decline the request.)
  • By accepting the request, the applicant initiates the release of his or her credit and criminal record information to the landlord through SmartMove. By declining, he or she cancels the rental application. Either way, no personal identifying information such as Social Security number is released to the landlord.
  • If the applicant accepts the request, the landlord receives credit and criminal history information and a SmartMove "leasing recommendation" to assist them in making a decision on whether to accept or decline the applicant.
  • Renter is notified of the landlordís decision.

TransUnion SmartMove partners with The LPA

No monthly service charges, set-up fees or other hidden costs. Simply create an account and use it only as often as you need it.

Choose who pays SmartMove can be paid for by either tenants or landlords - you choose who makes the payment each time you request a screening. Either way, billing is secure and online.

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