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Code of Ethics


Home and Shelter - How important are they?

Where do we live? The universal answer to that question in our civilized world is: "In a house." People require a home. Food, clothing and shelter from the elements have been the basic human requirements since before the beginning of recorded history. Whether they own it or lease it, people always have and always will need a home to live in.

The LPATM Member landlord should recognize the needs and interests of those in search of a home. The LPATM landlord also must strive to maintain and improve the standards of his profession. He shares a common responsibility for it's integrity and honor. The LPATM Member landlord exercizes his responsibility to protect himself and fellow landlords from unscrupulous practices of the dishonest tenant, the uneducated real estate professional, and the many dangers and pitfalls involved with renting out real estate. In doing so, the landlord is setting a higher standard of service and quality to offer to qualified potential residents.

Accepting this standard as his own, the LPATM Member landlord pledges to promote the protection of landlords and uphold the philosophy and higher standard of business with landlords, real estate professionals and tenants.

  • Article 1
    The LPATM Member landlord should keep himself informed and educated on rental matters and should contribute knowledge and encouragement to fellow members.

  • Article 2
    The LPATM Member landlord pledges to supply true and accurate information when asked for a reference regarding the qualification of tenants. Furthermore, the LPA Member landlord should and is encouraged to report present, past and future tenant information, positive or negative, to the LPATM databases known as the "National Tenant Reporting Bureau" and "Deadbeat DatabaseTM."

  • Article 3
    The LPATM Member landlord maintains his responsibility to himself and others in the industry to properly qualify potential tenants using the LPA Rental Application or one comparable to it, gaining authorization to review the applicant's credit history and approve only qualified tenants.

  • Article 4
    The LPATM Member landlord protects himself or his client with a superior rental agreement designed for Landlord Protection. He upholds his responsibility to enforce the terms of the lease agreement whenever it is not adhered to by the tenant.

  • Article 5
    The LPATM Member landlord maintains his awareness of Landlord Traps and takes measures to avoid them to the best of his ability.

  • Article 6
    The LPATM Member landlord shall not illegally discriminate against anyone on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status, or national origin. The LPATM Member landlord does not approve anyone unable to produce a favorable and verifiable rental application.

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