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Bed Bug Addendum

Bed Bugs & Safety

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The Bed Bug Addendum is a safety form which helps encourage and reinforce tenant maintenance responsibilities to keep your rental bed bug free. Bed bug

You may feel more comfortable knowing that your tenant is charged with the lease responsibility of maintaining a clean environment along with prevention practices concerning bed bugs.

Of course, the form is in MS Word and can be easily edited and material specific to your property can be added in.

The following bed bug safety information is provided by Franklin County Health Department, Kentucky and HUD:

Background on Bed Bugs

After a long absence, bed bug infestations are a growing problem in the United States today. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), bed bug populations have increased dramatically. Bed bugs are considered a pest of significant public health importance by the EPA and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Although the insects are not known to transmit disease, bites may itch and cause an allergic reaction in some people, which may lead to secondary infections. The presence of bed bugs can also cause stress or anxiety.

Experts suspect the resurgence is associated with greater international and domestic travel, lack of knowledge regarding the complex measures needed to prevent and control bed bugs, changes in pesticide availability and technology, and increased resistance of bed bugs to available pesticides. Bed bugs are not an indicator of poor sanitation, but excess clutter can provide them more places to hide, making early detection and targeted control difficult.

The best approach to bed bug management is to prevent an infestation from occurring in the first place. Federal agencies, such as EPA and HUD, are working in tandem to develop and share recommendations to prevent bed bug infestations.

FREE Downloads with more helpful Bed Bug Information

KY Bedbug Booklet Bedbug Pamphlet: How to Prevent and Get Rid of Bedbugs
Provided by Franklin County Health Department, Kentucky

Free Bedbug Notice

This informative pamphlet is ideal for landlords to provide to their tenants. It will enable them to better prevent, detect, or solve a bedbug problem.

HUD Bedbug Notice "Guidelines on Bed Bug Control and Prevention in HUD Insured and Assisted Multifamily Housing",
with Free Bedbug Notice for Landlords and Tenants

Free Bedbug Notice

Bed bug infestations have become a serious problem in housing throughout the country.
HUD Insured and Assisted Multifamily properties are not immune to infestations. This Notice provides information and references to best practices regarding the prevention and control of bed bug infestations. It also provides guidance on the rights and responsibilities of HUD, Owners and Management Agents and tenants with regard to bed bug infestations.

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