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Furnishings Addendum with Inventory Checklist


to Essential landlord rental forms page with Apartment Lease rental agreement, rental application, eviction notices, lease form, lease purchase option, furnished lease, apartment lease, pay rent or quit, notice to vacate, notice to terminate tenancyThe LPA Furnished Lease Addendum* for seasonal or year round rentals with Inventory Checklist makes it simple for you to keep track of personal property and furnishings provided to a tenant in your furnished rental(s). It is important to document items of personal property from all pieces of furniture, towels, right down to silverware and electric can openers.

This form is a rider to your lease to assist you in a furnished rental situation. Whether you are using The LPA Lease or one of your own, you will find the Inventory Checklist helps you to organize and account for the items you leave for the tenant's use.
DO NOT use this form if you are already using the The LPA Furnished Lease - Rental Agreement with Inventory Checklist.

Unfortunately, items tend to disappear without us even realizing it. Listing down an inventory of property for the tenant to acknowledge at lease signing actually does make a difference. Of course our tenants aren't theives, but sometimes they may forget who something belongs to. For some reason, having it in writing seems to make a difference.

* This form is not needed if you are using The LPA Furnished Lease - Rental Agreement with Inventory Checklist

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